December 1, 2012

It seems a right shame to just end it like this:

And then, I arrived home.

Can’t even really believe it. I think my body is crying out “confusion”. I haven’t slept much for the past billion minutes and I don’t know if I’m hungry, full, tired or sick.

Anyway, I’ve started a draft of the statistics of the trip. Kilometres traveled, money spent, favourites and other stuff like that. Hopefully I’ll post it for you tomorrow.

It’s been a nice day catching up with family today. I had my favourite of Apricot Chicken for dinner and it was wonderful. I’m going to bed now and anticipating 12 hours of uninterrupted blissful slumber. For now, to keep this aesthetically pleasing, I’ll give you the final route map.

315 days over 31 countries; it’s been a long journey for this tiny picture!



Day Three Hundred and Fourteen: Victoria and Albert and a Flight Home

December 1, 2012

Weather: 7oC
Money: £8 lunch + £5 train + £4 dinner = £17
Sleeps left: 0

It’s a lovely feeling knowing that the next bed I will sleep in will be my own. How nice. No more top bunks, no more smelly room mates and no more lights on all night. Ahh I’m a bit keen.

So we did a little repack this morning. We didn’t need to really, but I’m a bit obsessive with bag piles and perfection within the limited bagging area. Sounds weird to those of you who know me hey. But, it’s true. Ask Hope. She loves it when I repack.

We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum today. It was a decent walk away from the hostel (6km return), but we had all day so it was ok. The museum was nice. I think probably my favourite of the ones we visited, it was a bit different. We’ve been seeing Ancient Egypt in every museum we’ve been too all year so this was refreshing. It was random collections of stuff. Like, modern and post modern furniture. Old radios, tea sets, big dog, and Middle Eastern photography. I liked it. The coolest was a display of flattened instruments. It’s called “Breathless” which is kinda funny. And is light and dark, depending on if you’re above or below.


After our excursion, we went to the airport. It was fine, we had to go on the tube at peak hour so we were a bit worried but it really wasn’t even busy. Very nice. And now, we are waiting to board. Always waiting.

See you on the other end!


Day Three Hundred and Thirteen: National Gallery

November 29, 2012

Weather: 7oC
Money: £14 accommodation + £6 lunch + £9 dinner + £20 sundries = £49
Hours til the plane takes off: 24

We went to the National Gallery today. I tell ya what, this plan of ours to leave the inside things til this visit was brilliant. It’s so cold here! Even with my big coat and beanie on, it’s freezing! So, the National Gallery is lovely. It’s just art. But very nice. Also, the building is super beautiful too. There was an artist I really like called Richard Hamilton. Modern stuff. Computerised paintings. Lovely.

After or cultural experience, we went to some shops. It’s our last opportunity really, so we went to our favourite places: HMV and Paperchase. I like them both. We wandered the streets for a few hours and then came home to our hostel restaurant. Thai, delicious.

I’m in bed now, it’s cold. Also, tomorrow we go on the plane. Who can even believe that. Shivers.


Day Three Hundred and Twelve: Museum

November 28, 2012

Weather: 8oC
Money: £14 accommodation + £8 lunch + £24 dinner + £?? shopping = £46+
Sleeps left: 2

We went to the British Museum today. It was good. I think we expected a more modern history museum but it was a lot of ancient stuff. Lots of Greece and Egypt. They have temporary exhibitions, one of which is Shakespeare, which would have been cool, but entry to that is an additional fee, and at this late stage, I want to spend my money on cheap makeup. So.

One thing I found weird in the museum is different perspectives of what happened in history, depending on who you are. For example, in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, they talk about a guy called Lord Elgin who came from Britain and stole all the art and freezes and rode away back to Britain with them. In the British museum, Lord Elgin apparently asked permission to take the goods in order to preserve them. Who to believe?! Also, I’m sure they had the same things in both museums, which is somewhat impossible. They probably didn’t, but it certainly seemed that way!

We left the museum and headed back out to the big Westfield to get Hope’s boots and a few other bits and bobs. Our bags are heavy. I hope not too heavy.

Tonight we caught up with Paul for dinner. We ate pizza at an amazing little place at South Bank. I had a Cajun chicken and bacon pizza, and it was delicious. Probably my best pizza all year. We also had a walk around South Bank and looked the markets. London is good by night. Lucky, because its dark by 4.




That’s all for today, sleepy now!


Day Three Hundred and Eleven: Phantom of the Opera

November 27, 2012

Weather: 9oC
Money: £14 accommodation + £3 lunch + £5 washing + £6 dinner + £30 tickets = £58
Sleeps left: 3

Something amazing happened today. We changed hostels for the last time ever. Also, we did washing in preparation for the final pack. And, we carried our enormous bags for a massive distance for the last time (except walking to the train station on the way to the airport). It’s so good. Bag is definitely one thing I will NOT miss. In fact, next time I travel, I’m going to work out a way to take no bag.

So, we left the Wimbledon hostel (good riddance) and caught the train to Pimlico. We’ve stayed at this hostel before and it’s quite nice, except for the showers aren’t ideal. We did our laundry on the way. Packing is easier with clean things, see.

We headed into town in the afternoon to try and get some cheap tickets to the Phantom. We managed to get some reasonably priced ones and we saw it tonight! The show was amazing. Very different to the rest we’ve seen. All the others have been comedy and this certainly isn’t. But, still wonderful. Sing once again with me, a strange duet. I love musicals. I can’t quite get over just how much!

Tomorrow we are catching up with Paul from our central tour which will be nice. And maybe a museum!



Day Three Hundred and Ten: Hillsong Again

November 26, 2012

Weather: 12oC
Money: £12 accommodation + £6 lunch + £7 dinner + £3 coffee = £28

We’ve decided today that we don’t like this hostel. Lucky we are moving out tomorrow. It’s weird. There are no power points in the room at all, everyone seems to be permanent residents, there are weird old ladies and there’s always someone sleeping in the common room. There are about 20 staff and they all seem to be either Russian or Polish. People stay up all night and there are only showers on the next floor which means walking pajama clad all over the whole hostel. Not ideal. But not much longer an it’ll be no more hostels for us!

Today we went to Hillsong again. Gee it’s good. I like it a lot. We ended up coming home for lunch and to pack our bags to see if we can buy more stuff. The answer is yes, I can buy some more DVD’s and maybe one other thing.

We went back into town in the afternoon to meet Julie (Hope left her phone there yesterday) and while we were there we went to church again. It was super cool. They had these break dancers on the stage in one of the songs and it pretty much went off its head. I loved it!
(Julie, sadly Sven wasn’t there for the night service. Guess it wasn’t meant to be!)

We have one room mate at the moment, although three more are supposed to be arriving tonight. It’s now midnight, so that’s going to be pretty annoying I can imagine.

Well, night! See ya soon!


Day Three Hundred and Nine: Julie

November 25, 2012

Weather: 13oC, rainy
Money: £13 accommodation + £7 lunch + £3 chai + £9 snacks = £32

We love Julie. She is my only (regular) travel mate who is a blog reader, so I feel I should say nice things about her. But even if she wasn’t, I have only nice things to say. Julie is so wonderful. She’s funny and very sweet and she shares her ‘crisps’ with us. She looked after a massive amount of gear for us for 6 months in her limited space. She’s kind. And she has beautiful hair. And, she’s moving into a bigger house so next time we come, we can stay for a long time.

But to today! We went to the Borough Market. People have told us not to buy anything but instead to just taste things for lunch. That was our goal. So, for first lunch, I had
– a spoonful of paella
– a taste of brownie
– some truffle oil on a 1cm square of bread
– some garlic butter on a 1cm square of bread
– one bean
– two half cm squares of cheese
– some picked onion relish on a quarter of a cracker.

Needless to say, we also had a real lunch at our next venue which was the Christmas Market at South Bank. It was raining so wasn’t the best but it was pretty cute, I wouldn’t mind going back tomorrow if it’s not raining.



We also went out to the Westfield again for some inside shopping fun. We also have to return there because Hope wanted some things but forgot to take her credit card.

And then, we went to Julie’s. Ahh Julie. She’s cute. We just ate snacks and drank wine and watched Crocodile Dundee. It was nice.

Soon I’ll be asleep. Goodnight! Enjoy a photo of my lovely friend. She’ll hate this, I bet.