Day Three Hundred and Ten: Hillsong Again

November 26, 2012

Weather: 12oC
Money: £12 accommodation + £6 lunch + £7 dinner + £3 coffee = £28

We’ve decided today that we don’t like this hostel. Lucky we are moving out tomorrow. It’s weird. There are no power points in the room at all, everyone seems to be permanent residents, there are weird old ladies and there’s always someone sleeping in the common room. There are about 20 staff and they all seem to be either Russian or Polish. People stay up all night and there are only showers on the next floor which means walking pajama clad all over the whole hostel. Not ideal. But not much longer an it’ll be no more hostels for us!

Today we went to Hillsong again. Gee it’s good. I like it a lot. We ended up coming home for lunch and to pack our bags to see if we can buy more stuff. The answer is yes, I can buy some more DVD’s and maybe one other thing.

We went back into town in the afternoon to meet Julie (Hope left her phone there yesterday) and while we were there we went to church again. It was super cool. They had these break dancers on the stage in one of the songs and it pretty much went off its head. I loved it!
(Julie, sadly Sven wasn’t there for the night service. Guess it wasn’t meant to be!)

We have one room mate at the moment, although three more are supposed to be arriving tonight. It’s now midnight, so that’s going to be pretty annoying I can imagine.

Well, night! See ya soon!

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