Day Three Hundred and Eleven: Phantom of the Opera

November 27, 2012

Weather: 9oC
Money: £14 accommodation + £3 lunch + £5 washing + £6 dinner + £30 tickets = £58
Sleeps left: 3

Something amazing happened today. We changed hostels for the last time ever. Also, we did washing in preparation for the final pack. And, we carried our enormous bags for a massive distance for the last time (except walking to the train station on the way to the airport). It’s so good. Bag is definitely one thing I will NOT miss. In fact, next time I travel, I’m going to work out a way to take no bag.

So, we left the Wimbledon hostel (good riddance) and caught the train to Pimlico. We’ve stayed at this hostel before and it’s quite nice, except for the showers aren’t ideal. We did our laundry on the way. Packing is easier with clean things, see.

We headed into town in the afternoon to try and get some cheap tickets to the Phantom. We managed to get some reasonably priced ones and we saw it tonight! The show was amazing. Very different to the rest we’ve seen. All the others have been comedy and this certainly isn’t. But, still wonderful. Sing once again with me, a strange duet. I love musicals. I can’t quite get over just how much!

Tomorrow we are catching up with Paul from our central tour which will be nice. And maybe a museum!


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