Day Three Hundred and Twelve: Museum

November 28, 2012

Weather: 8oC
Money: £14 accommodation + £8 lunch + £24 dinner + £?? shopping = £46+
Sleeps left: 2

We went to the British Museum today. It was good. I think we expected a more modern history museum but it was a lot of ancient stuff. Lots of Greece and Egypt. They have temporary exhibitions, one of which is Shakespeare, which would have been cool, but entry to that is an additional fee, and at this late stage, I want to spend my money on cheap makeup. So.

One thing I found weird in the museum is different perspectives of what happened in history, depending on who you are. For example, in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, they talk about a guy called Lord Elgin who came from Britain and stole all the art and freezes and rode away back to Britain with them. In the British museum, Lord Elgin apparently asked permission to take the goods in order to preserve them. Who to believe?! Also, I’m sure they had the same things in both museums, which is somewhat impossible. They probably didn’t, but it certainly seemed that way!

We left the museum and headed back out to the big Westfield to get Hope’s boots and a few other bits and bobs. Our bags are heavy. I hope not too heavy.

Tonight we caught up with Paul for dinner. We ate pizza at an amazing little place at South Bank. I had a Cajun chicken and bacon pizza, and it was delicious. Probably my best pizza all year. We also had a walk around South Bank and looked the markets. London is good by night. Lucky, because its dark by 4.




That’s all for today, sleepy now!

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