Day Three Hundred and Fourteen: Victoria and Albert and a Flight Home

December 1, 2012

Weather: 7oC
Money: £8 lunch + £5 train + £4 dinner = £17
Sleeps left: 0

It’s a lovely feeling knowing that the next bed I will sleep in will be my own. How nice. No more top bunks, no more smelly room mates and no more lights on all night. Ahh I’m a bit keen.

So we did a little repack this morning. We didn’t need to really, but I’m a bit obsessive with bag piles and perfection within the limited bagging area. Sounds weird to those of you who know me hey. But, it’s true. Ask Hope. She loves it when I repack.

We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum today. It was a decent walk away from the hostel (6km return), but we had all day so it was ok. The museum was nice. I think probably my favourite of the ones we visited, it was a bit different. We’ve been seeing Ancient Egypt in every museum we’ve been too all year so this was refreshing. It was random collections of stuff. Like, modern and post modern furniture. Old radios, tea sets, big dog, and Middle Eastern photography. I liked it. The coolest was a display of flattened instruments. It’s called “Breathless” which is kinda funny. And is light and dark, depending on if you’re above or below.


After our excursion, we went to the airport. It was fine, we had to go on the tube at peak hour so we were a bit worried but it really wasn’t even busy. Very nice. And now, we are waiting to board. Always waiting.

See you on the other end!

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