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Day Eighty Eight: Honduras

April 17, 2012

Weather: 27oC, rainy thunderstorms
Money spent: $20
Bus hours: 7
Current country: Honduras

We’ve had a lovely day today full of bus. We went to a local cafe for breakfast and found a happy, attention seeking cat:


We left Guatemala at 8am, Honduras bound. The ride was bumpy, windy and fast. The driver enjoyed his break pedal a little too much. Or little, as it goes.

We’ve explored in Copan since arriving. It’s similar to Antigua, but smaller. We are just at a restaurant, eating dinner. I like these people.

There are mosquitos here. They are feasting on my flesh. Don’t worry though mums.

That’s all! Xx


Day Eighty Seven: Tour Begins!

April 16, 2012

Weather: 26oC
Money: $25
Current country: Guatemala

Today our tour started. All the people seem nice; but there are 5 Australians, including us. Not very authentic. Although I guess that’s what you get! There is also a Brazilian, 3 from London, an Irish lady, a girl from El Salvador and a Costa Rican guide. There are also three others who haven’t arrived yet!

It will be fun hanging with them I think!

This morning, after a delicious breakfast of eggs, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, porridge and fruit, we went out exploring again. We like it here but it is very touristy.

We moved hostels in the early afternoon and at this one we met Paul from London. We spent an hour or so chatting with him and then got lunch together. After that we bummed around til the ‘get to know you’ meeting at 6!

All good here!


This second photo is a musical performance that people were dancing to. Fun!


Day Eighty Six: Antigua

April 15, 2012

Weather: 26oC
Money spent: $40
Current country: Guatemala

Hooray! I didn’t think I would be able to blog but Internet is working and wonderful today!

We departed Miami at lunch time today. The flight to Guatemala was just over two hours, and because of the time difference, we arrived just after leaving! We were collected at the airport by the shuttle bus from the hostel, who then drove us to our destination in Antigua which took about 1.5 hours.

Our hostel is cute. It’s like a school camp room. Very colourful! This is the view from our room.


We walked just down the road to get ourselves some money and dinner. It’s got a really nice feel. Old cobbled stone streets and lots of people. Lucky I learnt some Spanish. Although, while the words are constantly rattling around in my head, what I need at any given time is not there. Annoying!


Our tour starts tomorrow night. We are really hoping for some fun and nice people!

I threw out my second pair of Toms of this trip today. I bought them on day 40, and they were well and truly dead. So much walking!


Seeya tomorrow! Or maybe not!