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Day Ninety Two: Sick in a Glorious Place

April 21, 2012

Weather: 30oC, humid, so hot.
Money spent: $33
Days of sickness: 2
Current country: Honduras

Yes, it’s true. I’m sick. I think it’s gastro. Out of our 15 people, there are only three that haven’t been sick in the last two days. Hope is one of them. So, today was pretty quiet.

We had a pretty late night last night, after the dancing in the club, and so people were slow to get started this morning. At about 12 we got breakfast and then I had a long nap before a swim at the beach (after the intense sun had gone away!)

We’ve just got back from dinner which was fun. Tomorrow we are leaving at 5:30am to catch a plane. So now, it’s an early night!

Fun fun fun.
(By the way, I don’t feel sad that I’ve semi missed the Caribbean island. My mindset about what needs to be seen has totally changed!)



Day Ninety One: Beach Fun and 12 Injuries

April 20, 2012

Weather: 28oC, hot
Money spent: $12
Phrases in my Spanish vocabulary: 18

Today has been fairly interesting. We were woken up at 6:00am by a bird which was screeching ‘dad’ over and over again. Then it turns out I was pretty sick. However, at least six others were too. So today was characterised by a lot of banyo trips and no food.

In the mean time, we went to the beach which was glorious. Which means, of course, that I got really burnt, even though I applied sun screen 18 times.


Then, three of us decided to snorkel out to the coral reef, but then on the way back in, we got stranded on the coral, and I have about 80 scratches and cuts. What a face.


Ahh dear. Tonight we have just been chilling with the group. They are fun and so lovely. So so lovely.

Oh, also, to add to my ailments, I stood on a wasp and now I have a swollen toe. Jeepers.


Day Ninety: Caribbean Island

April 19, 2012

Weather: 27oC, hot
Money spent: $50
Spanish phrases in my vocabulary: 16 (added tenador – fork!)

Today we spent 100 hours on two public buses and a ferry. It was hot. The upside is, though, that we are now on Roatan, a Caribbean island! We just ate a delicious dinner – I had lobster. Yep, I did.

Tomorrow is snorkeling. Photos then!


Day Eighty Nine: Mayan Ruins and Hot Springs

April 19, 2012

Weather: 28oC, no breeze, feels like 35oC
Money spent: $69
Spanish phrases in my vocabulary: 15

This tour is made up of optional extra day trips to take. Today we were given the chance to go to the Mayan Ruins (which Copan is known for). The whole group opted in which was fun. The Copan ruinas was very hilly, but also quite impressive and old. Although I was a bit bored by the tour guide.



After the tour of the ruins, we had a massive lunch with two drinks for $8, and then went back to the hostel.

In the afternoon, most of the group went to some hot springs. It was set out really well and aside from another tour group (who it turns out are doing exactly the same thing as us with a different company), we were the only ones there. Some of the pools were very hot; some were cold and some just good. We had a mud bath and got a good photo, but not on my phone. I’ll add it when I get a copy! But my skin feels good now!

Tomorrow we have 12 hours worth of travel to get to Rotan, an island in the Caribbean. How delicious!



Day Eighty Eight: Honduras

April 17, 2012

Weather: 27oC, rainy thunderstorms
Money spent: $20
Bus hours: 7
Current country: Honduras

We’ve had a lovely day today full of bus. We went to a local cafe for breakfast and found a happy, attention seeking cat:


We left Guatemala at 8am, Honduras bound. The ride was bumpy, windy and fast. The driver enjoyed his break pedal a little too much. Or little, as it goes.

We’ve explored in Copan since arriving. It’s similar to Antigua, but smaller. We are just at a restaurant, eating dinner. I like these people.

There are mosquitos here. They are feasting on my flesh. Don’t worry though mums.

That’s all! Xx