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Day Ninety Eight: Monteverde

April 27, 2012

Weather: 18oC, so happy to be cool
Money: $40
Phrases in my Spanish vocabulary: 32
Current country: Costa Rica
Bus hours: 6

Hola Amigos!
Who would have thought that putting on jeans would be such a pleasure! I’m
sitting outside and feel a bit cold. It’s wonderful.

We left Nicaragua today after breakfast and hit the road. The drive here was a decent one – we also had to catch a boat off the island. Omotepe was so relaxing. I might like to return there one day for a week.


We are in Monteverde now, in the mountains of Costa Rica. It is so beautiful here. I don’t have a photo yet though. Tomorrow, most of the dudes are going swinging though the jungle. I’m going with two lovely ladies on a bridge walk, maybe like the one in Tas.

Also, carrot in Espanyol is Zanahoria. Spelling most likely incorrect, but that’s funny. As if!

I’ll have a map for y’all tomorrow!


Day Ninety Seven: Relaxed

April 26, 2012

Weather: 24oC
Money: $30

I’m on this island right, it’s amazing. The team split into three groups: one went to thermal springs. One went horse riding. Helen and I planned on going bike riding. Instead, we sat at a table, moved to hammocks and that’s about the extent of the day. I read some of my book, ate some meals, watched the ocean like lake.

You are jealous right?!

I didn’t even get a good photo for you because I didn’t stand up. Here on one anyway. Xx



Day Ninety Six: Island; Pt 2

April 25, 2012

Weather: 25oC, more bearable!
Money: $25
Phrases in Spanish: 30

We are on another island! This one is NOT going to make me sick and I’m not going to get burnt. It’s basically two volcanos, joined together. One is active and we are about 1km away from the start of the incline.

We left Grenada at lunch time today after having an explore around the actual city. We found a cool super old church and took some photos from the bell tower. I liked it.




We bused and boated to the island and arrived at about 4. It’s pretty, and we are staying in amazing tree house feel accommodation, on the beach (which is actually a lake).

The boat ride over was really choppy. But great views!

This is before we left – this volcano is where we are staying!

Tonight we are hanging out together. Nice times!
Miss y’all! X


Day Ninety Five: Tour Day

April 24, 2012

Weather: 26oC, hot
Money: $65
Phrases in my Spanish vocabulary: 30

We paid a tour guide $30 each today to show us around Grenada and surrounding areas. It was good to see! The tour went all day and started up an active volcano. The gas made it very difficult for me to breathe, which was a bit fun. It was pretty cool though!



We got to see a crater lake over lunch which was also great – apparently it’s 80m deep and pretty huge.


This little dude is so cute ay:

He was at a pottery gallery that we visited after lunch. Some of the stuff there was really nice and so cheap, but with eight months left, it’s not so feasible!

The day ended with a boat tour of a lake, the name of which I cannot remember. It was massive though! On it are various islands where people live. Some places look extremely rich! There was also an island that has a monkey rehabilitation center, the monkeys showed off heaps.

In the background here is a volcano.

Tonight we got dinner and went out for a few drinks at the Irish pub. Fun times!



Day Ninety Four: Grenada

April 23, 2012

Weather: 26oC + 86% humidity = dying
Money spent: $35
Current country: Nicaragua

Quite rapidly, I am earning a reputation for being a bit accident prone on this tour. Last night I bashed my back on the bunk bed and scraped off some of my burnt skin. Today I fell up some steps. I’m really not accident prone, for those new friends following my blog. Really, I’m not.

We had a wonderful walk around Leon this morning. The troops went volcano boarding, we got breakfast. These are two of my new friends, Julie and Helen. They are fun. The church in the background is super old.

This one is a crazy colour and is from 1780.20120422-231057.jpg

I like this photo. It’s just building and tree.20120422-231141.jpg

We left Leon after lunch and bused to Grenada where we are for the next two nights, in a stinky, dirty hotel. One room group has been moved three times already.

I had steak for dinner. It was good. Very good.

Also I haven’t mapped for a while, so here is one to conclude! Love!



Day Ninety Three: Nicaragua

April 22, 2012

Weather: 30oC, hot.
Money: $20
Phrases in my Spanish vocabulary: 22

Today started way too early. We were on the bus at 5:30 and at the airport at 6. We had to change planes in La Ceiba which was a 15 minute flight, and then we took another flight (25 mins) to Tegucigalpa, which is the capital of Honduras. Then, onto the ol’ bus for a punch in the face. Not really, but sometimes I think I’d prefer that.

We arrived in Leon in Nicaragua (which is pronounced Nigarawa it seems!) at 5ish. The city has a similar feel to Antigua and even Copan, but it doesn’t have the cobbled stone streets which certainly makes walking easier!

Tomorrow some of the dudes are going volcano boarding but I’m not, as I already have five literal ailments and don’t want to add a grated off face to the list.

Also, for those wondering, still about 8 of our group are reasonably sick, including me. Although tonight I have developed a new fun thing which includes being dizzy. Needless to say, I’m rehydrating and having an early night.

This is me new self.
Hope it doesn’t scar!