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Day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine: Laundry in Innsbruck

September 6, 2012

Weather: 17oC, sunny when we were out and thunderstormy while we were in
Money: €20 accommodation + $4 breakfast + €4 lunch + €5 washing + €6 dinner + €16 sundries = €51 + $4
Current country: Austria
Train hours/Km’s: 3/288

I just realised that since Germany, our country order is Germany, Austria, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Austria. All over the show! Tomorrow we shall bus for many hours to get to Venice, and then we’ll be in Italy for more than two weeks. Woo! I’m very excited for pizza, pasta and gelato!

Today was one of those days where we were busy all day but didn’t achieve much. We left our hostel in Zurich and had a very pleasant experience at the train station. We found our train and got on, all good. We were on the train for 3 hours to get back to Innsbruck.

The hostel we are staying at tonight has check in from 5 which is super annoying, especially when you arrive at 2 with all the bags. Luckily it wasn’t raining for the 2km walk today! We were desperate to do our washing after not doing any for 13 (!) days so we pulled up at a laundromat and basically emptied our bags into the machines.

After that was done and I had repacked my bag for the 229th time since leaving home, we headed to the hostel. It’s pretty gross. The shower doesn’t drain and Hope’s sheet has weird yellow stains on it.

We sat in our room for an hour watching the thunderstorm and rain out the window that started three minutes after our arrival. It stopped and we ventured back into town. It’s so cute, I freaking love Austria.

We did some souvenir shopping. I bought a nutcracker man and I love him. He dances when I sing. And any other time that I pull the string attached to his arms and legs. Dinner was a schnitzel burger. Figured we should make the most of it on our last night in Austria.

And, here we are again. Blogging and reading our books. Today I finished number 20 for the year. That’s pretty good I’d say.






Day Two Hundred and Twenty One: Salzburg Favourites

August 29, 2012

Weather: 18oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €5.50 lunch + €11 dinner + €20 misc + €4 misc = €60.50
Current city: Munich
Current country: Germany
Bus hours/Km’s: 2/147

Today brought much more joy in exploring beautiful Salzburg. I have the photos from yesterday that I promised too! Ok. So, yesterday we walked from the hostel up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. We didn’t pay entry, but the view was great!


This one here is St Erhard’s Church in baroque style architecture: 20120828-202816.jpg

These are from Mirabell Platz where the do re mi scene was filmed! I am Maria here. Hope is on a unicorn.




Here’s a street.


The rest of these are from in and around St Peter’s Church, I really liked it. The organ was epic. Also, the once with trees are from the cemetery. Beautiful!







And, after the photo overload, I am happy to report that we are back in Germany! We arrived at dinner time, then had a wiener for dinner. Hooray!


Day Two Hundred and Twenty: Austrian Alps

August 28, 2012

Weather: 20oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €4 lunch + €8 dinner + €51 tour = €83
Steps climbed up and then down: 1000+

Busy busy day today and I am wrecked. But love Salzburg. We set off this morning to find the local Sound of Music sights. After watching it last night, it was fresh in my mind. So, I did some posing. Here I am at the steps, in Maria pose after singing do-re-mi!

Except this photo won’t load. Tomorrow!

Then, Hope found a unicorn to have a photo with. It’s her favourite.

Also tomorrow!

We also did some walking around the town and took some more photos of cool things but I’ll save them for another day. I bought some souvenirs and we had a giant pretzel for lunch. It was good.

This afternoon, I headed with a few Busabout friends out on a tour to Werfen where we went to the Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave. It was amazing. But, SO many steps and massive mountain. I am not cut out for this. Also, our guide was apparently in a hurry and told us that “the quicker we get there, the quicker we get there”, which in itself is very insightful. So anyway, we powered up this mountain. I needed my asthma puffer five times, if that’s any indication for you (I used it twice going up the 700 steps of the Eiffel). Yuck.

But, the view was INCREDIBLE. The ice caves were pretty cool (ha!) but the view was the best. I stole some photos of the ice from Hayley, one of my bus friends. It’s illegal to take photos in the caves and my camera doesn’t allow for law breaking. But they are pretty cool. Here are some view ones too!








Seriously, it almost made the walk up worthwhile!

We arrived back at 7pm and went for dinner with the girls. Hope missed me so much while I was gone that she surely got me a present. I’m yet to see it.

Tomorrow it’s time for Munich! Germany yiew!


Day Two Hundred and Nineteen: The Hills Are Alive

August 27, 2012

Weather: 17oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €4 lunch stuff + €8.50 dinner = €32.50
Bus hours/Kms: 2/96

We’ve just finished watching the Sound of Music. Once again, I want to be in musicals. I love Maria!

So we are in Salzburg, home of the Von Trap family. Therefore, the hills are alive. We arrived on a glorious bus at 2pm after saying goodbye to our little Grunau at midday. This morning we just hung around chatting with our pals and doing a lot of not much.

Since arriving in Salzburg, we’ve wandered around looking for a supermarket for about 7 hours and then finally found one. We got dinner at our hostel, I had a wiener schnitzel. And then we watched the legendary movie spectacular.

Tomorrow I’m going to some ice caves. I’d say I’m fairly excited. Woo!


Day Two Hundred and Eighteen: Day Off

August 26, 2012

Weather: 17oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €9 dinner + €4.60 sundries = €33.60
Relaxed: yes.
Days til I see Carmel: 57

I’ve had such a relaxing day in Grunau. The rest of our Busabout friends went on a 50km bike ride to a lake but Hope and I stayed behind. We had pressing business to attend to, like reading our books and sitting at the river.

So, that is what we did. After a delicious breakfast (where Vegemite was provided!) I did some booking of accommodation, then I talked on the phone, then I read my book. That’s basically it. Oh, I did sit on a rock at the river and contemplated my life plan, then read some more of my book.

Gerhard cooked dinner again, this time it was roast meat with a lot of capsicum and potatoes. So nice to not have to go out and order something or eat yoghurt and bananas!

We’ve made some nice friends now, three girls in particular. Some of the people here are fairly annoying, and we will be happy to leave them. Ha.

Tomorrow we leave and head to Salzburg, but that’s only two or so hours away which is good.



Day Two Hundred and Seventeen: Grunau

August 25, 2012

Weather: 20oC
Money: 20€ accommodation + €6 lunch + €9 dinner + €2.80 drink = €37.80
Bus hours/Km’s: 4/244

We are in the middle of nowhere in a hostel called the Treehouse, and it is glorious. The closest town is an hour walk from here, and it has a population of 2112. The hostel is 20m from a stream with the clearest water ever and there are trees and birds and pretty things everywhere.

I love Grunau.

We arrived at lunchtime to lasagne, cooked by the host (and chef) Gerhard. We’ve pretty much done nothing all day. Hope read her book and I’ve done basically zero. It’s great here! We had dinner cooked for us too. It’s like camp, except I don’t have to do activities. Amazing.



Day Two Hundred and Sixteen: Lumberjack, Chocolate Lady and Hope’s Hate for Humans

August 24, 2012

Weather: 30oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €5 washing + €2.90 breakfast + €4 lunch + €14 dinner + €2.40 icecream = €47.30
People who annoyed Hope today: everyone (except me!)

We’ve had a funny day today with Hope hating everyone she’s seen. She’s been loving her favourite ‘cccccc’ sound when people are in the way, and more than once today, she told people to move. She did say that I’m the only person in the whole country that she likes, which is perhaps one of the nicest things she’s ever said to me. What a funny girl. Although, she does seem to like the new lumberjack room mate that just arrived, and announced fairly nervously that his name is Lucas, he’s from Poland and that he’s on his way to a medieval fighting festival.

Today was my favourite: washing day. We had to wait for a machine, so it took us ages, but that’s ok. Washing day increases my love for a place! Lunch today was a kebab from the Naschmarkt across the road. Yum.

We went exploring around the old town city area this afternoon, just checking out some shops and stuff. Our guide on the walking tour the other day gave us some secret information about a little museum that is basically for people who know about it, as there is no advertising or signage. It’s in a chocolate shop and through a door near the toilet. We even had to turn the lights on as we entered! It’s like their storage area for a lot of chocolate and marzipan sculpures. Apparently everyone who finishes their apprenticeship at this shop creates a display for the windows. It’s pretty epic. Some flipping crazy stuff!

Tonight we had Asian food in the market. I had sushi and it was good. Hope had a spicy old curry. Our waitress was annoying and added to Hope’s dislike of people today. What a funny cricket.

Tomorrow we head to a random small nowhere town called Grunau. We’ve got our books and supermarket food ready!




Day Two Hundred and Fifteen: Belvedere

August 23, 2012

Weather: 33oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €4 supermarket + €3.40 lunch + €6.40 dinner = €34
Current city: Vienna

We were woken up by construction work just outside our bedroom window at 7 this morning. It’s annoying, but it’s a sign that the day will be super hot – too hot for work!

So after getting ready and our usual supermarket breakfast (consisting of a banana and a yoghurt and maybe a milk drink) we walked to the Belvedere. It was probably half an hour or so walking around the back streets of Vienna before we reached it. We had been told it was a hill that has a palace and some incredible views over the city. We found the palace. It was MASSIVE. The gardens too. The view was nice, but I think I expected better vision or something. But that’s ok!


We didn’t bother going in to the now museum and art galleries because admission was quite expensive and we’ve seen art before. We did wander around the gardens and stopped for our favourite pass-time, people watching. People are weird. Especially around concrete, human sized statues with naked chests.

We headed home in the mid afternoon because it was too hot to be in the sun. We stopped by a lovely fountain for some foot dangling time and admired a nice, temporary monument that was blasting out classical music. I did like it though!


Tonight we went out to what I think is a nightly thing in Vienna, a screening of a movie or a concert in front of a cool old theatre. Tonights showing was a Rolling Stones music DVD and documentary. The atmosphere was nice. They had food and drink carts and heaps of people everywhere. We ended up sitting on a road, watching the screen from a weird angle, a long way away. It was still nice though! We went with a few fellow bus about buddies who are fun.


Oh, something for fun.



Day Two Hundred and Fourteen: 22

August 22, 2012

Weather: 30oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €4 breakfast and lunch + €22 walking tour inc. dinner + €7 drink = €53
Current city: Vienna
Current country: Austria
Country tally: 22
Days til we leave for home: 100
Bus hours/Km’s: 4/208

I am very spoilt I think. Imagine the life of going to 22 counties. As if. I made friends with an older American man in our hostel tonight and he asked me what my favourite country was. I told him that it depends on what category. What category? As if. My reply, for you all, is this: for scenery it’s Scotland. For culture and places unlike home, it’s tied between Bolivia and Nicaragua. Most livable country I would vote England. Country with the friendliest people? Germany. Country I’m currently most excited about? Italy. See what I mean? Blessed kid to have so many resources.

Anyway. We left Czech this morning after spending all but the equivalent of $1.50 of our Czech Koruna on groceries. The bus ride to Austria was very pretty but I spent a lot of it reading my book. We arrived into Vienna around 4pm and checked into our hostel, Wombats, which is very nice.

We had booked into do the ‘walk and fork’ tour of the city, which was a 2.5 hour walking tour and then a meal of schnitzel and strudel and some good Viennese beer. I enjoyed the tour. I have some glorious photos for you but I can’t remember really what the places are. Oh well. That’s what happens 22 countries later :/

I like Vienna so far! Woo!