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Day Two Hundred: Holland

August 7, 2012

Weather: 16oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €30 touristy things + €4 supermarket + €7 lunch + €14 dinner = €75
Hope’s current least favourite of my words: tog (dog), toggie (doggie) plog (blog), pag (bag), paggie (baggie)
Current city: Amsterdam
Bus hours/km’s: 4.5/253
Hope’s most recent quote: “You like dogs (togs) that look like bantam hens”

Amsterdam woo! We are here for three nights in a hostel with a club underneath (good luck getting sleep), a room with three boys who have already showed me their pot supplies (thanks) and both Hope and I have top bunks with no ladder. Hmm. Busabout have recommended hostels in each city we arrive in, and needless to say, this was not one of theirs. Sadly, the Flying Pig was booked out.

Anyway, this morning we didn’t leave Bruges til 1pm, which was a lovely opportunity to go souvenir shopping. I bought more in Bruges that I have the entire time I’ve been away. My mum and dad and Lisa and Adam have all got some of my stuff to take home, and now I apparently feel the need to fill my paggie instantly.

We left on the bus and had a 4.5 hour drive to Amsterdam, complete with episodes of the Smurfs for our viewing pleasure. Since arriving, we’ve gone out for some exploring walks and dinner. Go all-you-can-eat ribs!

No photos from today. Have a map.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Nine: Bike

August 6, 2012

Weather: 18oC
Money: €6 bike hire + €3 lunch + €9 snacks + €14 dinner + €19 accommodation = €51
Biking hours: 2

Bruges is cute. It’s really small and quaint. It’s one of those cities with the town square set up, and I like it.

Today we hired a bike. This is something that we’ve been avoiding all along (they have bike hire everywhere) but Bruges is really flat and small so we gave it a go. My bum is sore now, but we did some good biking. The city has a river and/or canal all the way around in a big circle so that was our goal and we succeeded. Woo!


After bike riding we went to the town square and sat and did some people watching while eating chips with mayonnaise.


We got some delicious waffles for dessert, with chocolate sauce and they were amazing. We stopped for eating outside a church and I heard singing so I went investigating. It was a youth choir from Manchester and their performance was just starting so, being a choir enthusiast, I stayed. They were brilliant. I loved it.

Tonight we went to the bar next door to our hostel for pizza. And, maybe tonight I will have an early night. We’ll see.


Day One Hundred and Ninety Eight: Belgium

August 5, 2012

Weather: 19oC
Money: €19 accommodation + €5.50 dinner + €30 things I don’t need + €4.80 dinner = €59.30
Country tally: 18
Current city: Bruges
Current country: Belgium
Km’s traveled: 295

Welcome to Belgium yo! A short 4.5 hour bus ride saw us leaving Paris and arriving in Bruges!

We walked around the city this afternoon and found some things: a waffle store for tomorrow, massive quantities of good Belgian chocolate, cute lace doilies (why I like these I can’t explain), 2 huge churches, and a good bike hire place! Tomorrow seems sorted!

Here are some quick snaps from today!