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Day Two Hundred and Fourteen: 22

August 22, 2012

Weather: 30oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €4 breakfast and lunch + €22 walking tour inc. dinner + €7 drink = €53
Current city: Vienna
Current country: Austria
Country tally: 22
Days til we leave for home: 100
Bus hours/Km’s: 4/208

I am very spoilt I think. Imagine the life of going to 22 counties. As if. I made friends with an older American man in our hostel tonight and he asked me what my favourite country was. I told him that it depends on what category. What category? As if. My reply, for you all, is this: for scenery it’s Scotland. For culture and places unlike home, it’s tied between Bolivia and Nicaragua. Most livable country I would vote England. Country with the friendliest people? Germany. Country I’m currently most excited about? Italy. See what I mean? Blessed kid to have so many resources.

Anyway. We left Czech this morning after spending all but the equivalent of $1.50 of our Czech Koruna on groceries. The bus ride to Austria was very pretty but I spent a lot of it reading my book. We arrived into Vienna around 4pm and checked into our hostel, Wombats, which is very nice.

We had booked into do the ‘walk and fork’ tour of the city, which was a 2.5 hour walking tour and then a meal of schnitzel and strudel and some good Viennese beer. I enjoyed the tour. I have some glorious photos for you but I can’t remember really what the places are. Oh well. That’s what happens 22 countries later :/

I like Vienna so far! Woo!






Day Two Hundred and Thirteen: Castle and Park

August 21, 2012

Weather: 35oC
Money: €14 accommodation + €3 lunch + €9 dinner = €26
Current city: Cesky Krumlov

I am quickly discovering that I am a fan of the cute little towns rather than the big cities that everyone knows about. Cesky Krumlov is like the cutest, coolest town ever. It’s the winner.

Today we wandered around again. There is a massive castle with bears out the front so that was our first stop. The castle is pretty epic, and massive for a small town. It also has really pretty gardens.



This is the view of the town from the castle!



After the castle, we walked to the river and paddled while we watched the canoe pub crawls go by. It was too cold for swimming, but nice to wash our tired thong feet.

We spent some of the day exploring all the little side streets, and then found a park for a bit of shade. Castle and park. The themes of our European adventure.




Tonight we’ve just hang out with fellow bus abouters. Some are lovely. Some are annoying. But that’s ok. Tomorrow we head to Vienna!


Day Two Hundred and Twelve: Cute Krumlov

August 20, 2012

Weather: 33oC
Money: 14€ accommodation + 8€ lunch + 9€ dinner + 4€ breakfast and sundries = 35€
Bus hours/Km’s: 3/198

Cesky Krumlov is super cute. I love it. It’s a town of 14,000 and the whole town is UNESCO heritage land. It’s beautiful. You’ll see in a sec.

Today was hot. We just wandered around the town, and ate at the same restaurant for lunch and dinner. Why not I ask? It’s good.

I might come here for my vacation when I live somewhere over this side of the world. Ahh.







Day Two Hundred and Eleven: Elephants and Pirates

August 19, 2012

Weather: 28oC, ergh
Money: €15 accommodation + €4 breakfast and lunch + €7 dinner = €26
Current city: Prague

Today was far to hot to do anything other than sit in the park and read our books. It’s a shame really, relaxing in the park, all day.

And that, is what we did. We did go for a few walks around our area today: once to the supermarket, one wander after dinner, and one to the ATM. We are very adventurous.

I did finish my 16th book today though, a good thing to happen on our 7 month anniversary.

Tonight we had a Celtic meal, weird in Czech. I had a pork and potato pancake. It was interesting.

Tomorrow we go to Cesky Krumlov, a town of 14,000 in Czech. Apparently it’s super cute. Also, I think we now know when we’re where til we get home. So I’ll post that on here when I can be bothered!


Day One Hundred and Ten: Prague Old City

August 18, 2012

Weather: 23oC
Money: €15 accommodation + €4 lunch + €3 snacks and drinks + €5 Chinese 2 course dinner = €27
Hours walked: a lot.

Today we took our time getting ready and then headed out to explore Prague. We’ve heard that there aren’t actually that many things to see here – the city is the attraction. And we found that to be true. Something else we found to be true was that there are a lot of tourists here. Heaps. Most of them are annoying Australians. Ha.

So we walked into the city. It took more than an hour, and on a quick google map of the most direct route from beginning to end (one we did not take) its 6.7km. My thongs are getting a work out lately!

Prague is really beautiful. So many gothic style buildings. Very old.


Something funny about this clock on the church. Apparently it was built 500 years ago and was pretty amazing. So amazing, in fact, that they removed the eyes of the dude who built it so he couldn’t recreate it somewhere else! Mental!


We wandered around among the cobbled streets with the other million tourists until we came to this bridge. Hope recognised it from the Amazing Race, something about having to find a clue from one of the holes in the statues. Its pretty amazing with all the statues and the big archway at the end!


Over the bridge is the thing to see in Prague, the castle. On my map, I saw the word funicular, which scares me, because it usually means there will be a lot of steps, and today was no exception. There were a lot. Bah. The castle was pretty average, but the church up there was epic.




We caught the tram home and then went for a nice Chinese dinner for very cheap. Love it!

And, Hope.



Day Two Hundred and Nine: Prague

August 17, 2012

Weather: 20oC
Money: €15 accommodation + €1 breakfast + €3 lunch and snacks + €11 dinner = €30
Current city: Prague
Current country: Czech Republic
Country tally: 21
Bus hours/ Km’s: 3/154

Well, we made it to Prague. I still don’t know anything about the Czech Republic! No, that’s not true, I know it separated from what is now Slovakia in 1989 and became two separate counties.

We arrived on the bus at about 2 and checked into our hostel. I have since found out is has no hot water all week, which is sad times. We’ve basically done not much today. Just went for a wander around our area.

A highlight of the day was booking all our accommodation until Switzerland at the start of September. Well done us!

Night team!