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Day Two Hundred and Ninety Three: Paris in a Day

November 10, 2012

Weather: 11oC
Money: €100 roughly
Train hours: 5

So we went to Paris for the day today. I can’t imagine residing in a place where you can do a day trip to another country, it seems so strange. But anyway, a day trip to France is what we did!

We left our hostel at 4:20am. Yep, 4:20. The Eurostar left the station at 5:40am, and arrived in Paris 2.5 hours later. Our first destination was the Eiffel Tower, with the aim of getting there early to beat the crowds. I kind of think its a non crowd time of year anyway, and we only had to wait about 11 seconds. Something very cool was that our friends from Israel, Luke, Emily and Pauline were in the line to go in the elevator with us. We knew they where going to be there, but didn’t organise a meeting time or anything, pretty lucky. The Eiffel was good, pretty similar to last time, except this time I wasn’t forced into walking up 700 steps!



We decided to spend a few extra dollars and catch one of the tourist buses, seeing as we had only limited time. Our next stop on the bus was the Louvre. We didn’t go in, but did walk around the grounds. We also did some souvenir shopping around there!

Next was Notre Dame. I don’t feel like its really the sort of place you need to visit twice, but that’s ok! We found lunch in a back street; I had beef burgundy and a crepe for dessert, very French.

Our last official hop off the bus place was at the Arc de Triomphe. We took some photos before wandering down the Champs de Élysées for some shopping and looking. We were also at the Arc for some dark photos, and that’s where we ran into Luke, Emily and Pauline again! Wow!

We made it back to the Eiffel for the 7pm flashy lights and enjoyed that before going back on the train to the train!

We arrived back into London at 11ish pm and then I crashed out, hence the late blog posting. It as a super good day though, and I will add more photos soon!


Day Two Hundred and Forty Nine: Violet

September 26, 2012

Weather: 25oC
Money: €22 accommodation + €2 breakfast + €5 lunch + €1.50 coke + €7 gelato + €13 train = €50.50
Running gelato tally: €68 oh my goodness.

After a slow morning with delicious berry muesli for breakfast, we caught the train out to Cannes which is about 40 minutes away. A couple of the girls came with us; Teresa, and another random we met. The random girl wanted to go to one of the islands, but it was another €11 so we decided to sit around on the beach and relax. It was really nice and seems like a cute little place.





At about 2:30 we decided we would come home to get some supermarket food for lunch, so by the time we ate our lunch it was about 5. Also, something funny and weird. We have a fridge outside our room on the 5th floor and someone stole two half blocks of Camembert and Hope’s yoghurt. They left the salami and coke and milk and dips. They also stole Teresa’s cheese from the fridge in the communal kitchen. They must have a dairy thing maybe. But, we just heard that someone stole some girl’s Tim Tams! How devastated would you be!?

Tonight we took some wine down to the beach and watched the water and had wine with our friends. It was really lovely. Awe.

Tomorrow we are on the bus all day to Barcelona where I can get back into my Spanish!


Day Two Hundred and Forty Eight: Salted Caramel

September 25, 2012

Weather: raining, then hot.
Money: €22 accommodation + €15 groceries + €3.50 gelato = €40.50
Hours out of our hotel room today: 4

Why not title my blog with my favourite gelato flavourings of the day?! Also, you may notice you can search properly for any country now using the widget on the right side of this page (unless you are viewing from an email or iPad). I worked it out hooray!

We’ve had a very slow and cruisy day today. It started raining and thunder storming as we were getting ready so we hopped back into bed. I spent a lot of the day on Skype and googling random stuff while Hope watched a movie. We decided to venture out to get some gelato at about 5. Teresa and Jane came with us, and then we ate dinner together back at the hostel. Lisa will be proud of both my lunch and dinner – baguette, salami and Camembert. We are in France, after all!

I have a Nice photo for you:


And, also the sunset photos from Cinque Terre the other day!






Day Two Hundred and Forty Seven: Cactus

September 24, 2012

Weather: 26oC
Money: €22 accommodation + €5 breakfast + €2 lunch + €5.50 dinner + €4 gelato = €38.50
Bus hours/ Kms: 4/288
Sleeping arrangements: Hotel Antares, 6 bed dorm with bathroom
Current city: Nice

Not much to report on today, except for an amazing gelato experience.

We left La Spezia at lunch time after spending the morning packing up and catching the train from Riomaggiore and waiting around for the bus.

We arrived in Nice around 5. The drive along the cost was amazing. Such cool towns! We even saw Monaco from about 50m away so I think we can count that as another country in our tally. I love coastal roads. There was probably a faster way to come, but I’m glad we got to do today’s amazing drive.

(photo is not mine. Borrowed from google images)

Tonight we had pizza for dinner. After leaving Italy, we are still having pizza! (I also should report that I had either pizza or pasta everyday that we were in Italy. Good effort). Then, I had Cactus flavoured ice cream. It was so good. Like kind of a cross between musk and mint or something? I liked it anyway. Hope had jasmin. The lavender one was also good. And another flower one I can’t remember. Yum.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Seven: Family Farewell

August 4, 2012

Weather: 22oC
Money: €40 accommodation + €6 lunch + €3 treasures + €10 dinner = €69
Goodbyes: 4 😦

Today started sadly. Lisa and Adam left for London in the early morning. Lisa’s been traveling with us for 3.5 months, which is a long time, but it’s gone insanely fast. She is a cute girl. I’d choose her any time. Adam’s alright too, and as far as brother-in-laws go, he’s my favourite!

Then, I had to say bye to my mum and dad too, which was also poo. They were really good to Hope and I, they paid for our epic accommodation and looked us in the big scary world of Paris. They headed off to Switzerland today on the train to start a tour up the river to Amsterdam. Something good though, is that its only a short time before I see them again. It’s been 6.5 months between visits this time, and next will only be 4 months. You’ll be ok mums. K?

(Also, mums, we used ALL the train tickets today. That should make you feel pleased).

Now. After all the sadness, we caught the train (2 tickets) to our new hostel, St Christopher’s, which is amazing. Normally we avoid 12 bed dorms, but this one is HUGE and clean and we have privacy curtains and space to dance, and the BED IS LONG ENOUGH FOR MY BODY!

We unloaded and went to St Germain du Pres (2 tickets) to visit the church there, which is the oldest church in Paris, built in the 11th century (I think). It was big. 20120803-233724.jpg20120803-235046.jpg

We wandered around the streets there and eventually found our second destination, St Sulpice, another church. This one is the one from the Da Vinci Code with the Rose Line. Remember it? I struggled. Anyway, this one is even bigger. And there’s a massive fountain out front. There was a lady there emptying 3L bottles of water into it. I wonder if that’s her service to the church?20120803-235603.jpg20120803-235840.jpg


After these outings, we caught the train home (2 tickets). After a bit if a relax, we decided to head to a different area that we hadn’t been to for some dinner (2 tickets). We went in search of Chipotle but then it turned out to cost too much for our travel budget so we had McDonald’s which was good. Then, home to bed! (2 tickets!)

Tomorrow we shall go to Belguim, where I don’t even know what language they speak. Woo! X


Day One Hundred and Ninety Six: Euro Disney

August 3, 2012

Weather: 20oC
Money: €14 train + €61 Disney + €5.60 snacks = €80.60
Spontaneous trips to Disney: 1

There was no warning today when we decided to go to Disney. Crazy days. Lisa and Adam were going to go, then spontaneously all the rest of us decided to go too. It’s a bit luxurious to go to Disneyland twice in 4 months, but anyway.

So we caught the train out. It took more than an hour. But I love Disney. It’s so happy. What is it about some chipmunks on a colorful cart that makes me feel so happy I cry? I don’t know.


The parades are fun. I like them a lot. But the rides are good too. I loved that my mum and dad came and went on all the scary rides. They were brave.


We left at about 8:30. I don’t think they have the fire works like the Orlando one does, but thats ok. Tomorrow we have to say bye to everyone which will be sad. But ok. Because its only 4 months til we got home to be fair. Ahh.




Day One Hundred and Ninety Five: Sacre Couer

August 2, 2012

Weather: 24oC
Money: €2.60 train + €7.55 lunch + €4.80 drinks + €3 souvenir + €12 dinner = €29.95
Days left in Paris with M, J, L & A: 1 😦
Days in a row my feet have been so sore: 3

We walked a lot again today. Paris has so many steps if you try to be a tourist! Jeepers!

Our first activity was a walk to Invalides. This is an epic building of huge. It’s listed as a hotel, hospital, museum and church. It’s also where Napoleon is buried (or at least tombed). It was pretty cool looking, with a huge courtyard. Mum and Hope and I had a drink while my Dad went for a tour inside.




We caught the train from here to the Moulin Rouge. I like it. We didn’t do much there, just took a photo and then got lunch. I had a macaroon! It was delicious and I want 8 more.



Our last stop for the day was Sacre Couer. It’s up a ginormous mountain and we walked up. It was only when we reached the top that my very mean parents told me there was a cable car to get up. Owe. Anyway, it’s a church at the top of this hill. Pretty cool, but fairly similar to the rest! There was a nice artists’ market where my mum bought some little things.


We cooked dinner at home again tonight. I like relaxing in our apartment! So good.