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Day One Hundred and Eighty Eight: Puffin

July 27, 2012

Weather: 150oC
Money: €32 accommodation + €48 whale boat + €6 lunch + €14 dinner = €100
Nights left in Iceland: 1
Whales sighted: 1
Puffins sighted: 1000

Today we had to move from our airbnb to another hotel in the city. We spent the mornings packing and cleaning up, taking bags to the other hotel and then returning the car. The car cost a lot, but it certainly increased the enjoyment of our experience in Iceland!

We had booked in to do a whale and puffin tour so we headed straight from the car place to the docks and boarded the boat. The weather was pretty good when we got on but the further out we got, the rougher, windier and colder it became. Our first stop was by an island where the puffins hang out. They are so cute. I love them!


We only saw one whale, which was disappointing. He would come up, then go back down for some minutes. By that time, it was raining a lot and freezing. Bah. Oh, we also saw three dolphins which was nice.

In the afternoon we had a rest and then went out for dinner. Tomorrow it’s back to London for us! Yay!


Day One Hundred and Eighty Seven: Snaefellsness Peninsula

July 25, 2012

Weather: 15oC, so beautiful
Money: $35 car + $20 accommodation + $6 souvenirs + $5 snacks + $50 blue lagoon entry = $116
Hours in a car = 10

We’ve had a weird and busy day today. After our late night last night, we slept in til about 10 and then got ready to go for a swim at the Blue Lagoon, which is a thermal mineral pool. The drive was about an hour each way, but it was worth it. The lagoon was beautiful and there were minerals to put on your face. My hair feels horrible now though.



We got back home at around 4 after swinging by town to book a whale tour for tomorrow. We cooked lunch/dinner and then got in the car at 5, headed for the Snaefellsness Peninsula. We didn’t expect to go all the way because it’s 250km away on slow roads. But we got half way there and decided we might as well give it a go.

We rescued a hitchhiker at one point, a lady from the Netherlands. We dropped her off, then drove up a mountain on a crazy road (probably shouldn’t have in our tiny hire car, oops). It was so so beautiful though. Sunset from up the mountain was glorious.



After we came down, we set off on a coastal route home and then found our hitchhiking friend (probably close to two hours later) so we collected her and drove her to where she was going. Poor lady. This was about 11pm, and she still had 20km to walk. Not many cars around these parts!

I drove home and we arrived at 1:30am. Probably a bit late, but we had fun and made the most of our hire car!




Day One Hundred and Eighty Six: Glacier

July 24, 2012

Weather: 14oC
Money: $20 accommodation + $35 car + 9000ISK ($60 / 3 = $20) petrol + $5 snacks = $80
Hours in the car: 14

We had a fun day today with a LOT of driving. We left Reykjavik at 9am, headed east to Jokulsarlon, 375km away. We basically drove straight through, and left the small side trips to the way home, because it seems the bad weather starts here in the mid afternoon.

Jokulsarlon is the edge of a massive glacier. It has icebergs in the lake next to it, which then float out to the sea. Its cool.20120724-003753.jpg20120724-003802.jpg20120724-003838.jpg


Yah, worth the drive! On the way back we stopped at two different waterfalls. The first was Skogafoss. I almost chickened out of climbing the massive mountain but then I did. Good girl. This guy was awesome.



The second one was called Seljafoss, this one had a path around behind. We got a bit wet!




We arrived home at about 11pm. That’s a long drive, it’s true. Lisa does ok on the right side of the road too. Good girl.

Also, the sand of the beaches here is black. That’s weird. Here is a photo from a place in the middle of nowhere. It’s close to the beach, but I think this is actually a lava field. Also is a delicious sunset photo! Night kids!





Day One Hundred and Eighty Five: Golden Circle

July 23, 2012

Weather: 14oC, drizzle a bit, til rain starts at 6pm
Money: $35 car hire + $20 accommodation + $10 supermarket = $65
Hours in the car: 7

Today we collected our hire car. It’s a Hyundai i10, and it’s tiny. Like a match box – hence its name, Mabo. It’s costing us a squillon dollars, about $105 per day, which is massive. Anyway, if we’d done the driving we did today on an organised tour it would have cost $70 each, so I figure it’s a good investment.

Our goal today was the Golden Circle which is a 300km circuit just East of Reykjavik. Within this circle are plenty of things to see. It’s the recommended tourist route, and that is what we are, and that is what we do.

Our first stop for the day was at Pingvellir Narional Park. It is on two tectonic plates on the Mid Atlantic Ridge and there are deep fissures all the way along it. Pretty cool.



The next stop was at Geyser, the geyser after which all geysers are named. It goes off about once a year and surprisingly enough, it was just bubbling away while we were there. However, there was another one right next to it which was great. This one goes every three minutes or so. His name is Strokkur. We watched it about five times. It’s cool. I made a video but you will have to wait til I am home to see it.


The last stop was a waterfall called Gulfoss. This was cool too.


We had really good weather, which was so lucky. When we collected the car it was raining, then it cleared up for activities, then started raining again on the way home. Amazing! Also, in Iceland, cars drive on the right hand side. Today I drove and I did pretty good considering! Let’s see how Lisa goes tomorrow!



Day One Hundred and Eighty Four: Gift Shop

July 22, 2012

Weather: 14oC, clear til about 4, then drizzle and wind
Money: $20 accommodation
Days til we see Mum and Dado: 8

Today the weather forecast was for thunder storms – as in, tie everything down or it will blow away – storms. However, when we woke up, it was calm and good. We took our time getting ready, and had a delicious breakfast in our apartment. Then we watched TV and read and just did nothing, enjoying our first day in Iceland.

Our host came by to collect some stuff around lunch time and ended up giving us a ride into downtown Reykjavik. We went to lots of souvenir and gift shops, looking for perfect Iceland souvenirs. Shame everything is so expensive. I bought nothing, which no doubt Hope will love, because it means we can go back into them ALL later! YES!

Reykjavik is weird. Iceland has roughly 300,000 people and 250,000 live here in the capital. It was pretty quiet today, and there aren’t heaps of cars. It’s strange, I can’t imagine anyone living here. Too weird. It was still light out at 1am last night, and the sun is up again at 4am. One thing that was fun though, was that we came across this crazy dance party in the street. It was random. Lisa got a photo for you.


We cooked dinner tonight which was a welcome, and cheap, change. Mexican pile up for the win.

Here is a highway shot from yesterday!

20120721-232403.jpg Note the lack of trees!

Love xx


Day One Hundred and Eighty Three: Iceland

July 21, 2012

Weather: 15oC
Money: $20 accommodation + £5 lunch + $20 groceries = $43.50
Hours on a plane: 3
Current city: Reykjavik
Country count: 16

Iceland is probably the weirdest places I’ve seen so far in my time. Lisa said it was like the moon and now after arriving, it seems that way. It’s very barren, dry looking, minimal trees (our accommodation lady says they are proud of the few they have here!) and it’s still light at midnight. Apparently the sun rises at 4am too. I don’t know how people expect to sleep!

Basically today was traveling. We left Kay’s this morning to walk to the train, caught that to Gatwick and then flew to Keflavik airport. We are staying in a AirBnB and our host seems lovely. She came and collected us and gave us a tour of Reykjavik.

We have been warned about how expensive everything is in Iceland so we expect not to be eating out. We made a trip to the supermarket and bought supplies for three days for 8000ISK, which is about $60 which is ok. Tonight we had Vegemite on toast for dinner, so pleased we still have some left!

Finally, in keeping with my “look how light it is” photos of 11:15, here is one for you. And a map!