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Day One Hundred and Seventy Five: Marching Season

July 13, 2012

Weather: 16oC, sunny in Belfast, 12oC, rainy in Bristol
Money: £16 accommodation + £3 lunch + £6 misc + £3 coffee + £6 dinner + £13 bus to and from airport = £47
Current country: England
Current city: Bristol

We’ve had an interesting and busy day today. I said in yesterday’s blog that because of the parades, all the touristy things were off today. And they were. But we still go out and about in Belfast.

This morning we left our hostel and went through the Botanic Gardens and past the University. We ended up at the Ulster Museum and so we spent and hour and a half having a look. I like museums. There was an art section, a nature and a history section. Also, it wasn’t too big so not too much to take in.

We headed into town after that and we’re met with multitudes of people dressed in their Union Jack flags and colours and SO much rubbish. Also, I’m going to bet that at least 80% of the people we saw today had been drinking all night and all day today. There were a lot of wobbly people and also some fairly interesting public body part displays. Thanks for that, weird man.

Some shops were open, so we did some shopping. I finally bought an umbrella at Pound Land! I also bought five other £1 items.

We had to leave town before we were ready, to walk back to the hostel to collect our bags, to then walk to the bus station, to catch a bus to the airport. The flight to Bristol was just an hour, and we arrived here at 9. The hostel we are staying at is massive and there are 12 beds in our mixed gender room. It’s not the best, and an old French dude in on the bunk above mine. Oh well, only two nights.

Tomorrow we might try to go to Bath for a road trip.



Day One Hundred and Seventy Four: Giants Causeway

July 12, 2012

Weather: 18oC, sun glorious
Money: £17.50 bus tour + £10 tickets + £3 lunch + £3 snack + £6 dinner + £10 accommodation = £49.50
Current country: Northern Ireland
Current city: Belfast
Country count: 15

Today we went to the Giants Causeway on a touristy old bus. It was very amazing and wonderful. It took us about 2 hours to drive there and we stopped at a whiskey distillery, two castles and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.

We drove on the Antrim coast road and it was super beautiful. Like Scotland. I think we prefer Northern Island to the Republic of Ireland, to be fair.

So, here are photos galore. They’re pretty cool.
First, the Causeway.






This one is from Dunluce Castle in Nordirland. Apparently it fell down in a storm back in ancient times.


And, a cliff.


Tomorrow we shall fly to England. Oh, but something sad, is we can’t do all the touristy things tomorrow like the Black Taxi Tour and the City Hall Tour because there is a big parade and demonstration to celebrate the end of the ‘troubles’ in Northern Island. Apparently Protestants march all around the country. Inconvenient. But that’s ok, we’ll go have a look at that instead.


Day One Hundred and Seventy Three: Belfast

July 11, 2012

Weather: 15oC
Money: €15 car hire + €22 petrol + €6 lunch + £5 dinner = €48ish
I’m tired: Yes.

We did some more driving today. We left from Galway at 9am to get the car back to Dublin by 12. We left Dublin on the bus headed to Belfast at 1pm and arrived here at 3:30pm.

Belfast is cool so far. After checking into our hostel and doing our next round of booking everything, we went our to get some dinner and ended up walking around the city for a couple of hours. I like it. It has a nice feel. There are also lots of cool buildings and I can’t wait to find out some good history stuff!

These are some photos: this one is of the city hall. It huge and we will do a tour the day after tomorrow.



Also, here are some fun things at the water front. A fish and a lady who lights up at night.




Tomorrow we are going to the Giants Causeway which I am excited about. Woo!



Day One Hundred and Seventy Two: Galway County

July 10, 2012

Weather: 13oC, bit rainy and bit miserable
Money: €17 accommodation + €9 lunch + €15 car + €13 dinner + €8 sundries = €62
Car hours: 5

Today started with an amazing free breakfast – a good start to any day! We got in our car after breakfast and had marked out a scenic route around the Galway County so headed West. The scenery was beautiful and I would say this is my favourite area so far. Even with the rain and clouds it was pretty!

We passed through lots of small towns on the way around the road and stopped at one of the bigger ones – Cliften – for lunch. From there there is a Sky Road which goes up and around the coastal cliffs which were super cool.


One of the areas we drove through was super rocky. All the fences around the paddocks were made of rocks, which I think is incredible, but would have taken too long for me!



When we arrived back in Galway, we went for a walk around the town and bought some souvenirs and looked in the shops. We got dinner at a pub and then went to another one! Good day all round!



Day One Hundred and Seventy One: Aoife’s Mammy

July 9, 2012

Weather: 14oC, cool and windy
Money: €15 car + €17 accommodation + €10 breakfast = €42
Delicious food items eaten: 22

We left our little hostel at Doolin this morning and headed back South towards Limerick. We did go via the Cliffs of Moher on the way but they wanted €6 for us to have a look and we thought that was a bit ridiculous so we didn’t bother. You’ve lost our tourism there, Clare county council… I google imaged you a photo instead.


We stopped in the seaside village of Lahinch for some late breakfast and then Aoife went swimming in the ocean, foolish girl. The water is freezing. Not even a Tasmanian could manage it!

We arrived back at Aoife’s parents house – Dick and Mary – in the mid afternoon. The house smelled glorious and we got excited for lunch/dinner! While we watched the Wimbledon final, Mary slaved away baking us treats. The meal was smoked salmon and salad entrée, roast beef with wonderful veg and then cheesecake and slice for dessert. Dick also made me an Irish coffee which was good and fairly alcoholic. Yum! Haven’t had a home cooked meal like that since Easter!

We left after dinner at around 7 and drove back to Galway where we managed to get accommodation tonight! Now, I’m in bed, hoping for an early night, although at 11:07, it seems like I’ve missed my opportunity!

Love! X


Day One Hundred and Seventy: The Road to Galway

July 8, 2012

Weather: 16oC, good
Money: €17 accommodation + €10 dinner + €15 car hire + €22 petrol = €63

Today we slept in and then Aoife cooked us brunch. We ended up leaving Limerick at around 2pm for our drive to Galway, via the Cliffs of Moher. We called into some cute towns on the way, but actually bypassed the cliffs because we are staying nearby.

We arrived in Galway, and every man and his dog was there. They are having some boat festival and the streets and every restaurant were packed. We also tried a few days ago to book accommodation in Galway but there was nothing available. So we managed to find a Mexican restaurant to eat at, then we met a few of Aoife’s friends from some outdoor drinks in the busy main street. It was quite nice.

We’ve just got back to a town called Doolin, on the coast, an hour south of Galway. Looking forward to having a look around tomorrow!



Day One Hundred and Sixty Nine: Ring of Kerry

July 8, 2012

Weather: 16oC, lovely til about 6pm, then rainy
Money: €16 car + €8 lunch and snacks + €4 entry to weird viewing spot = €28

We left our hostel this morning at 10:30 and drove West toward the Ring of Kerry. This is the main thing to see in Ireland and it is very beautiful. Basically is roughly 200km of cliffy peninsula.

We stopped in Kilarney for our favourite (and almost daily) lunch of a sandwich from Tesco. Other than that, we drove basically all day! The cliffs and water are really nice. I got some nice photos for you.

We met Aoife near Limerick and followed her to her brother and sister in law’s house. Eoghan and Deidra cooked us an epic and delicious meal and entertained us for the night. They were really sweet.

So we are staying at Aoife’s parents house tonight, even though they are away. It’s nice. Yay. Tomorrow she is showing us around her home land, good times.








Day One Hundred and Sixty Eight: The Road to Cork

July 8, 2012

Money: €16 car hire + €5 lunch + €17 accommodation + €30 dinner and drinks = €68
Weather: 18oC, sunny
People at the beach: 7364

Today we left our hostel after delicious free breakfast and picked up our hire car. It’s no where near as cool as Pegasus. It’s a Ford Focus, like Pegasus was, but this one is smaller, older and more scratched. In fact, we have semi decided it doesn’t get a name. And, it costs more. Bah. Anyway, we left Dublin, heading towards Cork.

I must say, we have high expectations of Ireland, especially after Scotland being SO amazing. So far, it’s been nice, but not as nice as our old fav across the way.

We took the scenic route, basically around the coast from Dublin to Cork. We stopped in a seaside village called Tramore which was really busy because it’s school holidays here at the moment, for the next two months. Our toilet search took us right to the beach which was packed as. So pretty, but later on I felt the water and it was FREEZING.


We stopped at a few more scenic spots on the way which were nice.

We arrived in Cork around 8pm and got dinner and some cider in a cool little pub. After dinner, we continued onto another venue with a live band. They were pretty good. We also made friends with a French dude and a smelly old man.





Day One Hundred and Sixty Seven: Walking Tour

July 5, 2012

Weather: 18oC, beautiful.
Money: €6 walking tour + €11 lunch + €11 dinner + €12 accommodation + €4 snack = €44
Amount of people on the street of Dublin today: 2,284,838.9

Apparently the weather has been unusually bad here for the past weeks. Today, that was not the case. The sun was out in force today, and so were the people. We had to battle through the crowds just to make it through town. My thong tan is seemingly more dramatic from today too, but I’m ok with that.

Today we participated in a free walking tour with 60 other people, luckily in three groups. The tour went for three hours and there was a lot of information about the history of Ireland which was really interesting. Beats the duck bus boat we went on yesterday!

So, we went to some cool places. The Dublin Castle, first, here is some photos:


This castle isn’t as old as the other ones we’ve seen, because it burned down and had to be rebuilt.

Also, we went to Trinity College, which was super cool, and when I want to do another degree I will study there. This here photo is Christ Church which has a mummified cat and rat, but we don’t care about those to be honest.


After the walking tour, we caught up with Aoife for a coffee which was nice in the sun. Although, they made us pay in advance, which is weird. Must have looked dodgy.

Then we came back to our hostel to do some booking, and went for dinner.

And that is that! X


Day One Hundred and Sixty Six: Vikings and Guinness

July 4, 2012

Weather: 15oC, clear til 3, then rain.
Money: €12 accommodation + €20 viking tour + €6.40 lunch + €16.50 guinness tour + €9 dinner = €63.90
Current city: Dublin

Today started with a free breakfast at our hostel which is always a win. I love it when the bowls are bigger than one mouthful worth and these were. We set out walking from where we are staying at Temple Bar towards the city, hoping to find the Viking Splash tour. We got there eventually, and paid €20 for the tour.

The tour is one of those amphibious crafts that does some city and then goes onto the water. It was ok, good for so,etching different, but not wonderful. One good and funny thing was that we had viking helmets and every now and then the guide would tell us to roar (like vikings?!) at people on the roads. Our tour had a bunch of special needs kids and thus, this part of the tour was fairly lively.


After the bus tour, we went to the Guinness Storehouse for a look. This tour cost €16.50 and was self guided, but they’ve done a pretty good job setting it up. At the end, we got a free pint, while viewing the city from the observation deck. It was pretty sweet.


Also, this is the Dublin Castle. It’s colourful.


Tonight for dinner, we went to a Mexican restaurant which was tripadvisors number 9 ranked. Apparently is has burritos the size of a baby. We got one, and it was a very small baby, but delicious none the less.

Tomorrow we are going to try and get tickets for Riverdance! What an Irish thing to do!