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Day Two Hundred and Twenty Eight: Rockin’ Jazz

September 5, 2012

Weather: 16oC
Money: $60 accommodation + $11 b & l + $10 dinner = $81
Days til ITALY: 2

As I sit in our little (very comfortable) room in beautiful Zurich, I am being sung to by a lovely jazz band up the way. They are very good. I’d go down and have a look but it’s nice just relaxing here on my bed! They are currently playing ‘just the two of us’. The sax player is amazing. I might learn it when I get home. Mm.

We’ve had a good and relaxing day today. This morning we walked to the supermarket to get our supplies and then ate it in the company of 52 sparrows. I think they remembered us from yesterday with the Pringles. We walked around town a bit and found two churches that Lonely Planet recommends. The first one here has the largest clock face in Europe with a diameter of 8.7m. It doesn’t look that though. At this church we had an encounter with the craziest lady I’ve ever seen. She was actually shouting in German for about 10 minutes. We stood and watched til it got a bit awkward. She was just yelling though, at the building. She was loud.




Ol’ jazz band have moved onto Mustang Sally.

The goal for the afternoon was to walk to the lake and watch the water. We found some nice benches right on the water and ate our lunch. There were a lot of swans here. Lots. I was scared for the welfare of my toes while they dangled over the water, but they were ok phew.



Tonight we cooked burgers and they were amazing. Yum. I want that every night.

My mates have now started ‘Hit the Road Jack’ and I’m going to go have a look.


Day Two Hundred and Twenty Seven: Zurich (Take Two)

September 4, 2012

Weather: 17oC, clear and nice
Money: $60 accommodation + $23 train + $6 lunch + $7 dinner = $96
Train hours/Km’s: 0.75/52
Current city: Zurich

Last time we arrived in Zurich it was raining, we couldn’t find the way out of the train station, and when we finally got to the hostel there were no food places open. This time, the day was clear, we’re staying a short walk from the station and it feels like a completely different place.

We left Lucerne in the mid morning after trying to do washing and finding out that our airbnb dude didn’t have full access to the washing machine and we would have had to wait for ages. So we caught the train to Zurich and found our hostel! This one is even more expensive but it’s much better located and that will save us at least $8 on trains each day.

This afternoon we’ve just wandered around. It’s right on the lake and the old town so we’ve just explored our area. It’s really pretty and old. From our room we can hear a live accordion player and hear the bussle of the eateries up and down the way.

Nice! Oh, one of our current favourite things to do is feed the birds. We’ve done it three days in a row. Sparrows, ducks, swans and pigeons. My favourite are the ducks. They love Pringles. The sparrows can fly with a whole one in their beak!! Imagine! Also, they hop on their tiny legs. Oh, and sometimes when the ducklings want to get some food and the swan tries to steal it, the mother duck snaps at the swan which is 19 times its size. And, today, we tried to feed a brown pigeon but it was scared of the bread. What a weirdo. I love birds!

Also, all day Hope and I have had this in our heads. It’s really good. Watch it if you want!

Love love!




Day Two Hundred and Twenty Six: Lake Lucerne

September 3, 2012

Weather: 15oC, clear and calm
Money: $60 accommodation + $5 lunch + $6 dinner + $25 boat = $96

Imagine my joy waking up at 9:50 (!) with sun streaming in the window after the downpour of yesterday. It was such a welcome treat! We headed out after breakfast and a Skype home for father’s day (HFD to my dad and to my grandad too!) and wandered to the lake. The view is much more beautiful when it’s not all grey!



We got tickets on a sightseeing boat around Lake Lucerne for $25. We thought they’d be more (everything here is so expensive) but I guess we wouldn’t have paid much more for an hour of boat riding fun. I’m glad we did it though. It’s so beautiful. Apparently the water in the lake is of drinking quality. That’s amazing! Perhaps too cold to jump in for a drink though!

The cruise didn’t take us far, but enough to see the many mountains. I will go up Pilatus or Rigi one day when I’ve got spare moolah!





This afternoon we got a late lunch and watched the people and the ducks. We wandered around and then came home for a while! We cooked dinner again tonight which is a nice cheap alternative when a kabab (in the style we pay $3.50 for in Germany) costs $10.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Zurich. Lovin it!


Day Two Hundred and Twenty Five: Very Sad Lion

September 2, 2012

Weather: 13oC, raining. Bah.
Money: $60 accommodation + $27 train tickets + $6 lunch + $6 dinner = $99
Train hours/Km’s: 0.75/52

Since arriving in Switzerland and discovering how expensive it is, I’ve found out two interesting pieces of information. One: Switzerland is the most expensive country in the world, equal with Norway. Two: Zurich is the most expensive city in the world. My source (because I bet very soon, someone will google ‘most expensive city in the world’ and arrive here (I get notifications of what people have googled to end up here) is a random dude who lives here. He is probably no authority on the matter, but it sounds right to me so far. So, yeah.

We caught the train today from Zurich to Lucerne. After yesterday’s train station hassles, we prepared for the worst but it was super easy. We got to Lucerne around lunch time and walked to our airbnb where we stay for the next two nights.

It did rain all day today but we managed to get out and have a look around. We visited the sad lion first. He is sad. Our airbnb host says its a memorial that’s actually anti democracy and “you Americans don’t even realise what you’re taking photos of”. Ha ok mate. All I wanted was a photo of the sad lion.


Look how sad he is. Owe.

We ate both lunch and dinner from the supermarket today. Dad, I had a chicken and cheese roll (envious?) and it was delicious. We planned on getting something for dinner but the cheapest thing we could find was McDonalds and that was $12.50 for a small meal. What the. So, this is what I ended up cooking myself:


The rest of the day we spent wandering around in the rain. Tomorrow we are planning on doing a boat trip around Lake Lucerne. Hopefully the weather clears up for us! Here are a couple more photos. I like the chocolate one. So much Swiss chocolate! Strange, for Switzerland, I know.




Think I should go to sleep now. Waffle waffle.
Love ya!


Day Two Hundred and Twenty Four: Evelyn’s Homeland

September 1, 2012

Weather: 15oC, raining
Money: $30 train + $50 accommodation + $6 lunch = $86
Current country: Switzerland
Current city: Zurich
Train hours/Km’s: 3/288

My friend of 20 years (crap!), Evelyn, is from Switzerland. Well, that’s not true, but her parents are. Ever since she visited Switzerland in (I think) 1992, I’ve wanted to come here. I have a Switzerland bucket hat and have unofficially adopted it as my second homeland because it’s Evelyn’s second homeland. Safe to say, I was expecting good things. And I still am, I just hope today isn’t anything to go by.

It was raining when we left Munich on the bus. It was also raining when we got off the bus in Innsbruck, Austria, three hours later. And, for the 2km walk to the train station. And, surprisingly, when we got off the train in Zurich three hours later, it was raining. The train station in Zurich is MASSIVE and finding the local train was a nightmare. We asked about 15 people and each got us about 50m closer to where we were trying to go.

We arrived into Zurich at 5:30 and finally got to our hostel around 7. We could have walked in that time. Ah well. Our hostel is SO expensive. We’ve only ever paid this much once before and it was in central New York, not in the suburbs like this is!

Hmmph. Also, they sell food here, $20 for a meal. We ate nectarines and muesli bars for dinner to cut costs.

On the upside, the countryside is unbelievable. So many mountains. Train travel is so different to bus and motorways. I love the train! Here are some window shots for you.



Oh, and the map. We went through Lichtenstein today too, which is nice. I don’t think we can really count it as a country visited, but that will bring the total to 30 by the time we leave for home, therefore, it’s on the list.

Tomorrow we are heading to Lucerne where we are staying in an apartment. So, washing time, cooking time and maybe Mt Pilatus time!