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Day Two Hundred and Two: Anne Frank

August 9, 2012

Weather: 16oC
Money: €25 accommodation + €9 Anne Frank + €4.50 lunch + €8 dinner + €6 supermarket = €52.50
Days til I see Carmel: 73 😀

Well, this morning we went to Anne Frank’s house. It was really good. We were in the house for 50 minutes and the line for tickets took 1 hour 20 mins. Going early today helped 0%, the line was actually twice as long as it was last night. This photo shows up to where last nights photo was taken from! Very exciting!


After Anne Frank we got felafel and wandered around again before coming back home for some rest time. We made friend with our roomies, two Turkish girls who stunk out the bathroom with their cigarettes. How nice.

Tonight we’ve been looking around the canals a bit, and also went to Vondel Park where all sorts of interesting things are legal. We enjoyed some people watching and Hope almost choked on her delicious Dutch chocolate and fell off the chair because she was laughing so hard at a lady running. It was pretty funny. We got dinner at Sunny’s Burgers and it was AMAZING. Highly recommended to all my international traveling readers.

Tomorrow we bus to Berlin. I am excited! Not so much for the 10 hour bus trip though. Boo.


Day Two Hundred and One: Canal Walking

August 8, 2012

Weather: 16oC
Money: €25 accommodation + €4 trinkets + €12 lunch + €3 ice cream + €10 dinner = €55
Amount of blue and white ceramics bought so far: a lot.

Today we had a less than average free breakfast at our hostel which consisted of bread and jam or cheese. No toaster. We headed out just after ten to go to the flower market just up the way. There were so many tulip bulbs. If I didn’t live in a country with tight import controls, I probably would have gone crazy. I do love a tulip!

Amsterdam is made up on dozens of canals. They from about five concentric circles around the ‘old town’ of Amsterdam. You can’t go far without crossing one! Today we walked around the canals, just cruising. They are nice and there are heaps of options for boat tours.



We went to a Lonely Planet recommended pancake place for lunch, called Pancakes!, and it was good. I had a number 30 which had cheese, ham, spinach, pine nuts and basil pesto. It looked like a fritata more than a pancake, but it was delicious. Very good by Lonely.

This afternoon we intended to go to the Anne Frank House but it was super busy so we decided to go back at 8:30 tonight, when it was still super busy. We will go early tomorrow morning! So instead we continued our walk and then came back to the hostel for some sitting down time.

Tonight we went to dinner at a €5 pasta place and went to Anne Frank again, but this is what we found.


So, we went to the Red Light district instead. Only, we didn’t find it. I don’t know what went wrong, I had a map and we were in the right area. Maybe too early. I don’t know, but we’ll find it tomorrow! Pretty sure we don’t want to go there anyway!

That’s all for now!


Day Two Hundred: Holland

August 7, 2012

Weather: 16oC
Money: €20 accommodation + €30 touristy things + €4 supermarket + €7 lunch + €14 dinner = €75
Hope’s current least favourite of my words: tog (dog), toggie (doggie) plog (blog), pag (bag), paggie (baggie)
Current city: Amsterdam
Bus hours/km’s: 4.5/253
Hope’s most recent quote: “You like dogs (togs) that look like bantam hens”

Amsterdam woo! We are here for three nights in a hostel with a club underneath (good luck getting sleep), a room with three boys who have already showed me their pot supplies (thanks) and both Hope and I have top bunks with no ladder. Hmm. Busabout have recommended hostels in each city we arrive in, and needless to say, this was not one of theirs. Sadly, the Flying Pig was booked out.

Anyway, this morning we didn’t leave Bruges til 1pm, which was a lovely opportunity to go souvenir shopping. I bought more in Bruges that I have the entire time I’ve been away. My mum and dad and Lisa and Adam have all got some of my stuff to take home, and now I apparently feel the need to fill my paggie instantly.

We left on the bus and had a 4.5 hour drive to Amsterdam, complete with episodes of the Smurfs for our viewing pleasure. Since arriving, we’ve gone out for some exploring walks and dinner. Go all-you-can-eat ribs!

No photos from today. Have a map.