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Day Three Hundred and Six: Cinema

November 22, 2012

Weather: 12oC, nice
Money: £2 breakfast + £9 lunch + £7.50 cinema + £4 dinner + £30 sundries + £13 accommodation = £65.50
Current city: Cardiff

Today was pretty cruisy. We started slowly and then got breakfast on the run. We spent the morning wandering around town, checking a few shops as we went.

The weather was a bit nicer today so we just enjoyed it as we walked. Probably should have done the castle today, but that’s ok.

We had lunch at a Chinese buffet which was pretty good. Then we went to the movies! We saw Silver Linings. I liked it.

Tonight we had a Tesco dinner and have just been watching TV! Good times.


Day Three Hundred and Five: Castle

November 21, 2012

Weather: 12oC, raining
Money: £13 accommodation + £11 lunch + £11 castle + £6 dinner = £41

The rains are here. Hopefully just today, because I only have one pair of pants and one pair of shoes. Luckily we have a heater in our room so things can dry. Ah.

We went to the Cardiff Castle today. It was pretty cool. It’s a big area surrounded by walls, but inside is a nice green space, with a big clock tower, buildings, a castle up a hill and some cool corridors they used for hiding. It’s a shame it was raining because the grass was very sludgy, but I still liked it a lot.




After the castle, we went to a pub for a pie, which was kind of a cheats pie, more like a casserole with a piece of pastry on top. The chips on the side were awesome though. I want more.

After lunch we did some shopping. There are some nice shops. I’m hesitant to buy anything though!

I wonder what we’ll do tomorrow. Maybe go shopping again?!


Day Three Hundred and Four: Cardiff

November 20, 2012

Weather: 13oC
Money: £13 accommodation + £7 bus + £3 train + £3 lunch + £5 dinner = £31
Bus hours: 3
Current city: Cardiff
Final country tally: 31

I’ve been working on my favourite cities list today and I’m very happy with the 10 I’ve ended with. I completed the list before we arrived in Cardiff, and I don’t have any space for it if it happens to be amazing.

Unfortunately, it seems super cute and very wonderful. We arrived on the Megabus in the mid afternoon and walked from the bus stop to our hostel, which, while it has triple bunks, is so cute. The decor is very shabby chic, like with beds instead of couches around the walls. And cute bunting all over the roof, and random bird cages and umbrellas.

We’ve just chilled here until dinner time when we went out exploring. It’s all Christmas lighty, which I love. I’m excited to go the the Cardiff Castle maybe tomorrow!