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December 1, 2012

It seems a right shame to just end it like this:

And then, I arrived home.

Can’t even really believe it. I think my body is crying out “confusion”. I haven’t slept much for the past billion minutes and I don’t know if I’m hungry, full, tired or sick.

Anyway, I’ve started a draft of the statistics of the trip. Kilometres traveled, money spent, favourites and other stuff like that. Hopefully I’ll post it for you tomorrow.

It’s been a nice day catching up with family today. I had my favourite of Apricot Chicken for dinner and it was wonderful. I’m going to bed now and anticipating 12 hours of uninterrupted blissful slumber. For now, to keep this aesthetically pleasing, I’ll give you the final route map.

315 days over 31 countries; it’s been a long journey for this tiny picture!