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Day Fifty: Niagara Falls

March 10, 2012

Money: $36
Walking: 2
Weather: snowing a lot, freezing. Maybe -3oC
Current state: New York

I struggled with what country to tag this in as we took a leisurely stroll across the bridge into Canada. Two countries in one minute. I guess it will happen a lot in coming months but at the moment its kind of a novelty!

Today’s agenda item was Niagara Falls. I was really surprised to find out you could get there on a local bus and there are no admission fees. There are activities you can do, but being winter, most things were closed.

The falls were beautiful. I’ll show you some photos, but once again, photos do no justice. The roar of the falls was pretty epic. You’ll need to do it yourself.

These are all taken from the Canada side. This is American Falls. The next is Horseshoe Falls.


Next is the bridge crossing from Canada to USA, and then a view from the bridge.



I am sick today though, which is not much fun. Going to have an early night!
Love much!


(Hope loved using the binoculars as a ‘machine gun’. It came complete with sound effects. For your viewing pleasure!)



Day Three: Rain….

January 23, 2012

Perhaps today didn’t start out very interesting. I was really pumped to go to church until we stepped outside to find cold, windy, and rainy. I had pre chosen the church before we even left home so knew where it was, so we hurried up there in the rain. It was a nice service and finished quickly, leaving us to fend for ourselves for hours in the wet and cold.

So, like any hungry person would in the rain, we went to a food court and sat there for 3 hours. Which was nice and relaxing. We got some good trip planning done and now roughly know the itinerary for the next 85 days in the USA. And for my singing friends, I am happy to say that the Louisiana Bayou gets a go. Which is awesome! We walked back home along the water and enjoyed the city lights.


Megan took us to meet a couple of her friends at a Burlesque night, but we didn’t get to see them in the end but it was a fun night regardless. There was a special Chinese New Year performance with a dancing lion which reminded me of days in China at this time 7 years ago! How time flies.



Day Two: Giant Cookies and a Trip Down the River

January 22, 2012

Today was our first day of independent touring. Megan suggested a few things to do and see and then we went on our way, all day long. It wasn’t raining today which was awesome. After training and bussing to someplace for breakfast, we bussed to Granville Island. It’s like an area of cool markets and crafts and stuff. I saw the most amazing stationary shop I’ve ever seen and they were advertising part time jobs and I almost applied. It was really cool. Hope and I shared a giant cookie.



We went on a ‘Family Fun Tour’ of the harbour, which was mostly boring, but gave a good sense of where we were and how big it all is. Vancouver is very similar to Hobart or Sydney. It’s very pretty, relaxed, and has a lot of water.


After the market we trained and bussed around the city, getting on and off at various locations, just for a look. We stopped at Tim Hortons for a hot choc and muffin, which cost all of $2.51. Bargain!




Day One: Vancouver

January 21, 2012

Money spent: $48.70

So after the longest plane rides I’ve had in my life, we arrived in Vancouver to snow and -4. It was beautiful! Snow was settling and there was no wind (as is apparently the norm in Vancouver). My head was all messed up today and so I woke at 12pm and my traveling buddies were very eager to do something! We went to the Aquarium to see the Beluga Whales which was amazing. I made friends with a Sea Otter and loved the fishies. We had sushi for tea and then Megan (my friend from high school who we are staying with) took us to an Ice Hockey match which is the ultimate Canadian experience!

Where we are staying is really nice and very central. Megan is working tomorrow so we are going exploring.