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Day Eighty Six: Antigua

April 15, 2012

Weather: 26oC
Money spent: $40
Current country: Guatemala

Hooray! I didn’t think I would be able to blog but Internet is working and wonderful today!

We departed Miami at lunch time today. The flight to Guatemala was just over two hours, and because of the time difference, we arrived just after leaving! We were collected at the airport by the shuttle bus from the hostel, who then drove us to our destination in Antigua which took about 1.5 hours.

Our hostel is cute. It’s like a school camp room. Very colourful! This is the view from our room.


We walked just down the road to get ourselves some money and dinner. It’s got a really nice feel. Old cobbled stone streets and lots of people. Lucky I learnt some Spanish. Although, while the words are constantly rattling around in my head, what I need at any given time is not there. Annoying!


Our tour starts tomorrow night. We are really hoping for some fun and nice people!

I threw out my second pair of Toms of this trip today. I bought them on day 40, and they were well and truly dead. So much walking!


Seeya tomorrow! Or maybe not!



Day Eighty Five: Alligator

April 14, 2012

Weather: 30oC
Money spent: $50
Current state: Florida

We had a really fun day today with Rachel and Anne. We went out to the Everglades National Park this morning, in search of an alligator. It wasn’t long before we saw heaps of the fellas! There are heaps of tours offered in the Everglades, but we decided to just go exploring ourselves, seeing as the girls have a car. I liked the alligators. But mostly the birds!

This was the first guy we saw. About 2m from the visitors center!

Hope feared for her life a bit when we took this photo! I wanted to lay near it but decided it wasn’t very wise.

Ah the girls.

After the alligator hunting, we got lunch and did some shopping for our next international destination. This afternoon, we found our way to South Beach in Miami, which was beautiful. Not as good as home though!




One thing that is very American that we hadn’t done before tonight is s’mores. They are Graham crackers, melted chocolate and marshmallows. We had a strange time in the hotel room tonight, roasting marshmallows on an iron. It worked though, and they were eight kinds of wonderful.

Sadly, today was our proper last day with Anne and Rachel, again. They are so fun and we will miss them heaps. Owe. But they will come visit us sometime soon. Here is a fun group photo.


Tomorrow morning we go to Guatemala. I don’t know if Internet will be as accessible, but I think it should be ok, at least sometimes! I’ll blog each day, but may have to upload in bulk. So, keep checking back, and I’ll keep you posted!

Love much xx


Day Eighty Four: Train

April 13, 2012

Final states visited list (starred are those we spent at least two days in)

Washington *
Oregon *
California *
Nevada *
New Mexico
Texas *
Louisiana *
Mississippi *
Tennessee *
Illinois *
Ohio *
Pennsylvania *
Massachusetts *
New York *
New Jersey *
Virginia *
North Carolina *
South Carolina
Georgia *
Florida *

= 26

And today… Weather: 30oC
Money spent: $55
Train hours: 10 (should have been 7…)

We spent all day on the train today. Plenty of people here have asked why we would bus around when the trains are so much better. Mainly, it’s because buses are cheaper and go more places. But, we thought we should end our experience in the USA with at least one train ride, and it wasn’t overly successful.

The train was very comfortable and relaxing. But, it was 45 minutes late leaving, and got delayed in the middle because of another train that was broken down on the track. Poor Rachel and Anne waited at the station for over two hours for us!

RACHEL AND ANNE! Yes, our San Diegan friends are back! It’s very good that we get to see them again. We are outstandingly happy with the whole situation. We’re sharing a hotel room in Miami, and will hang out while we are here.

I think the Everglades is the plan for tomorrow, I’m excited for the alligators!



Day Eighty Three: Disney Pt 2

April 12, 2012

Weather: 30oC
Money spent: $150
Hours walked: 7
Current state: Florida

Disney is amazing. Inspiring. I love the culture here. These people must be trained well or something. The atmosphere is pretty incredible and I really want to be a part of it. Add that to my life goals please. But seriously, they say that Disney is the happiest place on earth, and while you’re not in an 80 minute cue, I’d believe it. It’s a feast for the senses. Loud music signals a street parade or dance extravaganza, the smells make you want to spend $38 on a spring roll, and the colours are almost blinding. It’s like walking around in a dream!


Ahh. Today we went to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom was less crowded so the lines weren’t as long. Our favourite ride was a roller coaster which went around Mt Everest. It was outside, which most aren’t, and very fast. We also went to a Lion King musical (abridged version) which was glorious.

After lunch time (we don't eat here) we went to Hollywood Studios. The best ride as voted by me is the Rock'n'Roller Coaster. It was crazy fast and went from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 2 seconds. We even lined up twice!

Also, we went to another two short musicals at Hollywood, the Little Mermaid was great but my favourite of them all was Beauty and the Beast. Wow.

We are heading to Denny's for dinner tonight because it's late and it's open still.

Over and out!




Day Eighty Two: Disney World

April 11, 2012

Weather: 30oC
Money spent: $143
Hours walked: 7
Current state: Florida

Disney World is amazing! From the moment we walked in it was very, very wonderful. We were greeting with a singing and dancing street parade, which made me incredibly happy!

There are four main parks included on our (hugely expensive) ticket. Today we tackled Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Magic Kingdom was very cool. We loved a roller coaster that was in the dark, and I especially loved the tea cups.


Hope is here, waiting for our first ride. It was a fancy Buzz Lightyear one!


We went on a ride that was like a space simulator and I felt like my brains were going to pop out. Also there was a cool ride that was like a crash test one, and we were the crash test dummies. It went really fast. Yah.

The fireworks display after dark was epic. I loved it. So feel good. And I bet massively expensive. Especially doing it every night!




Day Eighty One: Bus

April 10, 2012

Weather: 26oC
Money: $20
Bus hours: 12
Current state: Florida

Turns out we don’t have wifi in our hotel so thus the late blog! It will probably be the first of many late blogs!

We left Bianca’s at 7am to catch our first bus from Athens to Atlanta. When we got there, we intended to go to the Coke museum but there weren’t any places to store our bags, so we ended up in our default of Starbucks!

Our second bus left at 2pm in theory bus it was delayed til 3:30 because the driver was too into his gardening that he forgot he had to drive our bus!

We arrived at Orlando at midnight last night. We are staying at a hotel here and heading to Disney World today! Woooo!!



Day Eighty: Easter

April 9, 2012

Weather: 26oC
Money: $38
Car hours: 8
Current state: Georgia

I’ve had a wonderful Easter with some very lovely people. Yesterday’s spectacular was followed up today with more of the same – a lot of food!

We got up to leave our hotel by 10, but ended up leaving at 9:30, so we ended up calling into a casino for some early morning Easter Sunday gambling. I only played $1, so don’t worry. We went to Mimi and Papa’s house for just enough time to be offered some food and drinks, before we went out for lunch.

Lunch was amazing! It was a buffet with every kind of the most amazing foods alive. I loved the flounder and sweet potato casserole, oh my goodness.

We said goodbye to the family and left Mississippi at 2pm. The drive back took ages because of traffic, accidents and a lady sitting on the overpass which delayed us an hour at least. We ate dinner at Waffle House at 11pm with a black lady who very much appreciated the way we said ‘regular’.

We are heading to Florida tomorrow and have to leave way too early. Oh well!


Day Seventy Nine: Easter

April 8, 2012

Weather: 25oC
Money: $0
Current state: Mississippi

Family Easter with the Wall’s in Mississippi. Amazing. We arrived at Mimi and Papa’s house for breakfast which was roast meat, ham, salads, fruit and carrot cake, and just about every other kind of non-breakfast food imaginable. It was good.

After breakfast, we went out fishing for crabs. I’ve never been crabbing before, and I didn’t catch anything. It was nice though, sitting on a wharf with 14 people, fishing. And it was sunny and breezy, the water was a beautiful brown scummy colour, and we all got burnt. this photo is of the time when Hope decided to throw in the reel as well as the net. It took a lot of maneuvering to get it out again!


For dinner, we had an amazing meal with a name I can’t remember. Basically it was crawfish, shrimp, corn, potato, sausage and onion on a table and you just grabbed what you wanted. Cajun, I think.

This course was followed up with shrimp gumbo which was 100% delicious. Yum.

Our evening consisted of games and a lot of laughing. I almost wet my pants a few times. Ah I like it.

This is the life!


Day Seventy Eight: Mississippi

April 7, 2012

Weather: 25oC
Money: $31
Current state: Alabama (at time of writing)

Today is Good Friday. And what a good day it is. Possibly one of the best days of my year – and full of significance. It’s the day where the Lord, my Redeemer, gave it all. But don’t worry, Sunday’s a comin’.

Bianca was off work today so we met Ruston at Cracker Barrel for brunch. It was pretty decent, but not wonderful. Apparently it counts as Southern food, but I’m sure we’ll get a better sample at this Easter family extravaganza!

After lunch we took a tour of Athens. It’s a cute little city with about a million bars. We also went to Target to buy some summer clothes for the other Americas.

I finished the third Hunger Games book today. Worth a read. The first one is by far the best though.

At about 5, we left for Mississippi. It’s a long way, and makes our swirly line around the US almost meet up. The journey took about 7 hours. Lucky we had some fun car games to play!



Day Seventy Seven: Game Day

April 6, 2012

Weather: 26oC
Money: $0
Current state: Georgia

Happy Australian Good Friday!

Today we have been playing games. Both Bianca and Ruston had to work so Hope and I watched movies and TV shows and played the game we learned last night so we could get the upper hand for the next time we played.

This epic event that we had been training for occurred tonight. I won the first game which was amazing.

Sadly, that’s all we’ve done today. Gee it’s nice to be with people we know and to not be doing touristy things. Touristy things are overrated I think. I do miss hot cross buns today. They aren’t big here at all. I’m excited to do Easter with Ruston’s family though, traditional American deep South. I bet there’ll be the most amazing food.

Blessings this Easter! Xx