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Day One Hundred and Twenty Five: Best Buffet Ever

May 24, 2012

Weather: 24oC, raining all day
Money: $35
Current city: Foz de Iguacu

Honestly, it was the best meal I’ve ever eaten. Bufalo Branco Churrascaria, for all you intrepid travellers. Traditional Brazilian cuisine, and so delicious. The waiter men were really friendly! We self served from the buffet and then they brought around meat that they carved for you at the table. It was so so good, and only about $30 US. Yum.

That’s about all I have to report on today. We were supposed to be on a bus for 6 hours but instead, with all the rain and then the boarder back into Brazil from Paraguay, it took almost 10 hours. So, that was our day!

Imagine this blog without that buffet. Oh my goodness, I can’t stop thinking about it. And, yes, Beck J, food blog.




Day One Hundred and Twenty Four: City Tour

May 23, 2012

Weather: 29oC
Money: $40

Today we did a city tour of Asuncion. What was meant to be three hours turned into five. It wasn’t the most interesting tour I’ve ever done, but it was decent. The tour guide learnt English in Germany so has a crazy accent. He took us around the city on a bus and showed us important things, such as where the rich and poor people live, where the markets are, the best museums, and the parliament house. It was full of history, so as pretty interesting, maybe just a bit too long.

We saw an old cemetery which was cool.




This photo is probably of the parliament house, but I can’t remember. There are also some flag photos, because these people seem to be fairly patriotic and they are every where!



We went shopping in the artisan markets this afternoon. They are much like other markets except I bought a really cool doily thing that is beautiful colours. My mum asked today how I’m carrying everything. That is a fair question. My bag is heavy. Actually, our whole group got called “Heroes of Tourism” yesterday, while I quite liked. We got dinner at a resultant which gave a lovely night view of the parliament building!



Heading to Iguazu Falls tomorrow – pretty keen!


Day One Hundred and Twenty Three: Paraguay

May 22, 2012

Wether: 26oC
Money: $15
Countries visited in 2012: 9
Current city: Asuncion

Today started with a buffet breakfast which is becoming way too frequent. We left our hotel and drove for about 5m into Paraguay. There were no check points, which is strange. We had to see both the Brazil and Paraguay immigration but I totally would have struggled to know what to do if I was alone! One side of the street was Brazil, the other Paraguay, and no signs. I’m I’m Brazil here, red shirt is in Paraguay.


We went shopping in Paraguay for a few hours because they have duty free bargains. I bought a thumb drive.

A public bus came to take us from Ponta Pora to Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. The bus was the most luxurious thing I’ve ever seen. The seats reclined so far, and they were really big an comfortable. It was amazing.

Tom, Maree, Katie and Kirsty love it!

We got in at 8pm and just got back from a late dinner and some drinks. I’m sleepy today!