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Day One Hundred and Forty Five: Montevideo

June 13, 2012

Weather: 17oC, sunny
Money: $55
Current city: Montevideo
Current country: Uruguay
Hours on a bus: 2

This morning we caught a delicious bus from Punta del Este to Montevideo. I sat next to a lady and then had another lady crush me with her reclining seat. Thanks.

The walk from the bus station to our hostel took a long time with heavy bags. But, our hostel is very friendly and we are eagerly anticipating something good for breakfast!

Montevideo is cute and I would like to explore here more. It’s got a nice coast line and a fun historic area full of old buildings.




We all like it here a lot. Apparently is a small version of Buenos Aires which is tomorrow’s destination, so hopefully the rest of our South American experience will be delightful!



Day One Hundred and Forty Four: Punta del Este

June 12, 2012

Weather: 15oC, sunny but cold in the shade
Money: $49
Beaches visited: 7

Today was a day of perfection in Uruguay. It felt like a nice winter day in Tassie when the sun is out, but you still need a jumper on. Good kind of day. We got up and wandered through the town and to the beach. The first thing we came across was Punta’s legendary tourist attraction, a big hand.




We carried on into town and checked out various souvenir and other other shops and had lunch.

Punta del Este is a quiet town with a population of 7000 people at the moment, but the population swells to over 150,000 in the summer. So, it’s a bit like a ghost town. But so cute and beautiful, especially when the sun is shining!




Sunset on the beach was beautiful. So was Hope’s inspirational dance.



The empty nature of the town made it difficult to find a place for dinner so we ended up cooking again. And, it was delicious.


Day One Hundred and Forty Three: Uruguay!

June 11, 2012

Weather: 15oC
Money: $65
Current country: Uruguay
Current city: Punta del Este
Exchange rate: 1USD = 18.31 Uruguayan Pasos

Today we said thanks to Brazil for all the fun times and boarded the plane to Uruguay. While I totally loved Brazil, I wasn’t too sad to leave there. Even though it sounds stupid, it’s so good to be back in Spanish speaking lands.

The Sao Paulo airport is a long way from where we were staying and we were told to expect about $120 Reais ($60AUD) which is more than we want to pay. So after some investigating, we found that we could catch three trains to a station called Tatuape, and then catch a bus for only 4R. So, we did all that and it worked perfectly and we got the the airport having only spent 7R. Win.

The plane and customs were all super easy and we made it to Punta del Este with no hassle (on a pretty big plane with 17 passengers). We cooked dinner tonight in the hostel: vegetarian spaghetti (side story – we tried to get mince but didn’t know the word, so Hope pointed at the pasta sauce and said ‘carne’ (the word for meat), the girl looked puzzled, so I did some scrunching gestures with my hands and pointed at the meat case… Apparently that’s not good enough??!!), and got into bed at 9pm. It’s wonderful. This hostel is clean and friendly and we have our own bathroom!

Uruguay is looking mighty good so far! We will explore the nearby beaches tomorrow and maybe go for a swim! The forecast is for 17oC and sunny. Doable I think!